Really want something convenient for when taking the stroller along isn't, would you all recommend a baby carrier (front backpack looking ones) or a wrap?

Brynna T 1 like

I use an ergo with my 6 month old.

Lindsey T 1 like

Love my ergo:)

Jennifer D 2 likes

I also used the ergo when our son Issac was younger! We tried a few carriers , it was the only one that he could be comfortable in for longer periods of time.( a few hours )

Jennifer J 0 likes

I like the back pack carriers

Lise R 1 like

Front carrier

Sarina W 1 like

Back wrap, ergo, Tula are all great. Depending on age of your LO will depend on what's best. You can use an ergo or Tula after they can sit unassisted. Wrapping you can do sooner. There are a lot of you tube videos. I prefer the soft structured carriers ie Tula, ergo, etc.

Amanda E 1 like

I'd recommend the ergo! You can find it gently used on craigslist for as low 40 dollars. There's many different baby carriers out there.

Risa G 1 like

Do Ergo ones "grow with baby" as in can be used at different stages?

Kim G 0 likes

Love the boba wrap!

Jennifer D 2 likes

Yes, they do grow with the baby! They have an insert for newborns & you wear the baby on your chest than when they are old enough you can carry them on your back.

Amanda T 1 like

ERGO!!! 👍👍👍

Hillary T 1 like

I like the front back pack kind it may just be me but I need to see my baby and I do not feel safe with them behind me

MAMA B 1 like

I use a baby snuggler when I go out on the sky train and stuff!!! When I Go grocery shopping I use my stroller... Good look momma

Mrs. Super M 0 likes

Ergo is best wrap is good too. Less expensive.

Em A 1 like

I just got the ergo carrier just the other day. My baby is so comfortable in it. And it fits so nice and is comfy for me too. Well worth the money. Get the ergo baby 360!!!

Risa G 0 likes

Thanks Mamas!

Kim F 2 likes

Love my ring sling! It's easily adjustable, can be worn in various ways and grows with the baby.

Kate M 1 like

Ring sling!

Ashley F 0 likes

Ergo ! Just don't face the baby outwards

Vanessa B 0 likes

I love my ergo baby!! It can carry up to 45lb in 3 different positions! The ergo 360 is new and does 4 positions

Diannah D 0 likes

I have a baby bjorn and a Moby wrap

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