Really thinking about getting my 9 month olds ears pierced. I was thinking it would be really cute in pictures during the holidays coming up. Any advice on if it's a good idea or why not and if I should wait?!?! 🎀

Sarah R 0 likes

Got my daughters ears pierced around the same age. Cried for abt 10 seconds then forgot it even happened!

Haley G 0 likes

I got my daughters done at 4 months!! They are adorable and at that age the forget quickly. She hardly even cried.

Linsi M 0 likes

Mine are now 13 months & I wish I would've done it sooner. We're going to do it around Christmas when they're 15 months. Is rather do it sooner than later because I feel like they would mess with them less. Mine had to be repierced several times because between ages 4 & 8 because I kept pulling them out.

Miranda H 3 likes

I used to pierce ears (piercing pagoda). I quit because the gun malfunctioned as I was piercing a little ones ear. It tore through her ear, and mangled the thing. It looked like someone literally cut her ear lobe. I scarred that kid forever because her mom wanted her to have "pretty pictures." I turned in my keys that night. I say if you're going to do it, do it when they're older and by a professional. Skin is not meant to be torn through like the guns do, needles gently slice through and...

Miranda H 2 likes

...are lubricated to ease through the skin, instead of tearing through dry like guns do. Also the guns are plastic and can not be sterilized, but everything by a professional is sterilized using an autoclave.

Brandis G 0 likes

I think its cute for little girls to have their ears pierced! But if you decide to do it, remember it is a lot of work for the first 6 weeks or so. Cleaning & twisting earrings 3x a day. My oldest daughter got her ears pierced at 5 months and it went great until she was a year or year and a half when she started pulling on them and she would occasionally pull them out and i caught her trying to put them in her mouth. Some things to think about.

Katherine B 3 likes

I personally think it's ridiculous to pierce a child's ears without their consent. Wait until your child can understand what's happening to her and wants it done. I just don't believe in doing anything to a baby for pure cosmetic purposes. I also think that the thought that they won't remember is nonsense. Why don't we just duct tape their mouths shut and lock them in a closet for a few hours. They won't remember, right?

Viktoria M 0 likes

I had my daughter's ears pierced little before she turned 3mths and I'm glad I did it, she cried for few minutes but then like nothing never happened :) sooner the better I think

Mariah B 3 likes

I have always been a strong believer that even just ear piercing should be the child's choice. You never know what kind of a person that you child will grow up to be. What if she grows up & doesn't want to have those holes in her ears? If you pierce them now, you'll take her choice away. Wait until she's older & asks for her ears pierced.

Sarah R 4 likes

Ur equating putting duct tape on a child's mouth and locking them in a dark room to piercing there ears? Hmmm I'm not sure they're quite the same scenario, but it made me laugh lol

Abbie C 1 like

I pierced my daughters ears at 3 months & she never cried nor did we have any issues. She is now 2 & gets excited about putting pretty earrings in!

Katherine B 2 likes

No I am saying putting a child through any situation where they will be not understand something scary happening and cry for no real reason just because they wont remember is ridiculous. That's taking advantage of the innocence of a baby

Haley G 0 likes

To add to my comment...our pediatrician did my daughter's. I forgot the name of the type of Jewelry that was used but it was created from a surgical metal. There was no upkeep other than washing with mild soap during baths....

Samantha M 0 likes

Do it now while she's still little!

Haley G 0 likes twisting, no cleaning several times a day etc. The special backs lock on and once removed you can't use them again. The ear rings have a very sharp needle tip on them and are a little thicker than your normal earring. But they healed SUPER fast and we had no problems out of them.

Aprilbaby 1 like

Think it's good to do. But I would take to dermatologist if your pediatricians office doesn't do it. I definitely wouldn't go to Claire's and such. I know they do it with prepackaged one use needles and earrings but I wouldn't go to the mall to get something permanently done to my body. Just my opinion.

Aprilbaby 2 likes

Haha Katherine sorry but I guess you are against vaccines, flu shots, and well birth since it has the same results. Baby not understanding and crying for reasons they didn't cause. Anyways can say the same for once they make the decision and want them done. I had a friend growing up that it took 4 times getting one ear done before she would sit through getting both bc even though she wanted them pierced she was scared and freaked herself out and would only do one at a time. Then take it out and

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Have to do the same one again.

Cara L 2 likes

I got my daughters at 4mo it was Perfect because even now at 2 she never gives them a thought.

Aprilbaby 1 like

I do have to say I have NEVER met a person who has said or complained that their ears were pierced when they were a kid. More than likely if they don't do it now when they get in school and all their friends have theirs they will want it done. And even in those situations kids don't know who they are yet so they still might decide years later they don't want earrings or holes in their ears so i guess under that logic you should wait til 18 so they are an adult to decide first?

Kristi A 1 like

I personally think it should be her decision. I remember asking my mom if I could get mine pierced for my seventh birthday. It was a memorable experience with my mom. Besides I've heard some scary complications from babies getting then pierced.

Bethany C 3 likes

I so wish my parents had gotten my ears pierce has a baby instead of waiting til I "decided". When you do them young, mom is doing all the cleaning and care and are much less likely to have infections. I was 11 and ended up getting one side pierced 3 times due to it getting infected and closing up! All my sisters had the same problem except the youngest who got them as a baby! And if she hates them later? She doesn't have to wear earrings!

Miranda H 0 likes

Just a note, all 3 of the earrings I've had done with a gun have all resulted in keloids needing surgery to remove.

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