Ranting- my MIL is over stepping her boundaries about how to raise my child and how I'm suppose to deal with her son living together, when I have been married and living with him for about two years now! She's never been rude to me or anything but she over steps her boundaries way to much, she buys things we don't need or already hVe for my daughter just so I can say "I don't need it" so she can take it for herself as a way to keep my daughter at her house.

Kal-El's M 1 like

Ugh! My mother does the same thing! EVERY time she goes somewhere she buys my son something and he needs absolutely NOTHING. I tell her and tell get but she doesn't listen....|:

Life V 2 likes

Take it easy! Whatever she buys just accept it with a smile and a thank you🌹

Sarah F 1 like

Know how you feel my mil plays house with my kid ...

Mary S 1 like

Have your husband given her some boundaries? She can't just take your kid without your permission. Don't allow it..

Kay P 2 likes

Is this her first grandchild? Is your husband her first or only child?? Maybe she feels a loss of control and is uncomfortable with having to let go and let him (and you) live his own life with his own family. Not an easy task... Sorry hun

Savy S 0 likes

Dealing with the same situation...my husband is going to now set boundaries to check his mom...ur SO should too

Jess F 0 likes

I know what your going through it gets annoying

Rave M 0 likes

My husband is her first born lol and he has told her numerous times to not buy anything anymore but he's more rude about it.. And she just doesn't listen. Yes first grand baby, I get that's why she's so pushy but the only reason she tries to act nice is because she literally just wants my daughter. I actually haven't confronted her I don't know how to go about it without offending her.

Kay P 2 likes

Well yeah she just seems totally uncomfortable with her baby not being her baby anymore and somehow feels entitled to be overbearing with the baby. As awkward and uncomfortable as it may be, just explain that you appreciate all she does for you guys, but that you need your own personal space as a wife, as a mother, and all together as your family. No matter what she WILL get offended, but if you don't say anything she'll never get the hint.

Kay P 2 likes

Not to say that will do any good... But it could. Def practice it out a few times too... You don't want to have it come out 'wrong' even though you do have a little right to be upset ;-) Good luck mama!!?

Al S 1 like

I have the same thing. In laws have been telling me that they are taking my son camping over the summer without me or my husband. My son just turned 1. I told them heck no. He is my first and only kid. I'm a sahm and enjoy every minute. She has other grandkids (3 & 4) and my husband was what she considered her "problem kid". She buys stuff that I told her I was going to get for my baby, then complains they don't have money for themselves. I've told them alot to back off but nothing changes.

Caitlin V 1 like

You may not be able to do it without offending her. Maybe make the point that you feel like she isn't concerned with spending time with you or her son, only your daughter and that gives her the impression of being insincere. It makes you worry she's not considering how you guys parent, etc. Better, have your husband do it. First grand babies are hard. My dad flipped when my son was born (I am first born, he is oldest grand child, and I have only a sister) and it took a while for him be calm.

Felisha L 1 like

Sounds like she is overjoyed to be a grandmother, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just accept what she does for you guys because she won't be around to do it years later from now, so maybe that's what's going through her mind.

Savy S 2 likes

I don't think the being excited for a first grandchild is any excuse - it's your first baby and any time not spent with you is time you will never get back so def will need to find a way to set the boundaries

Rave M 0 likes

Thanks mommies!! I'll definitely practice how to tell her... Lol

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