Rant: my husband and I literally never had a fight before our baby was born. I am so sleep deprived that I have become a miserable, stressed-out mess. My husband is a great father and husband, but he is horrible at helping overnight. About once a week I wake him to help me for one of the several times baby wakes up. Last night he actually gave me an attitude about me waking him. I am at my breaking point. I said exactly those words this morning. I don't want my marriage to suffer any more. Help

Mommy To L 2 likes

It sucks but I just gave up on help at night I get help all day and at night I just let him sleep he wasn't very helpful anyways and get hers up earlier than me. Good luck girl

Danie M 1 like

I don't know your schedule but is he able to wake up with the baby and let you sleep in or let you take a nap? That's the compromise me and my husband made because he's a heavy sleeper

Franny E 0 likes

I'm sry to hear that! I hope you guys can discuss it and work it out! Cz it's not ok for you beautiful baby if you feel that way babies can feel the stress mom has and will be fussy too. Hope you get well... Look at those eyes he's adorable

Ashley B 2 likes

I'm EB so I have to get up with the baby so whenever he can my hubby lets me sleep in so on weekends and days he stays home from work. It still sucks to have to be the only one to get up every time but it's helps a lot to be able to sleep in at least two days a week :)

Amy M 0 likes

That sounds like a great compromise. However, I get home from work between 5 and 8pm and am running around like a fool doing dishes, laundry and getting ready for the next day until bedtime. No time for a nap here :/

Kelly C 3 likes

I am with you. My husband and i are the same way. We both work fulltime but i primarily take care of the baby. He is a great father but i have more patience plus im the mom so i cant just say im going to my friends house be back later. Im sure all u other mothers can agree. Our marriage has changed bc of our baby. Nothing terribly bad but we do disagree more than usual.

Kelly C 3 likes

We have to learn from this change and make our marriage better and stronger. Communication and compromise is the key.

Shannon S 2 likes

My husband and I have come to the agreement that any night he has to go to work in the morning the baby is my responsibility. Nights where he doesn't have to get up its his responsibility. I am not back to work yet so I get to do it all night and day most of the time which gets really hard after a while but as soon as I say something to him he will take over or if he sees how frustrated I get trying to do everything around here he tries to help when he can but I never really have sleep time.

V R 3 likes

The first year is always the hardest yr since you're all sleep deprived and still adjusting to parenthood. Hang in there it will get easier. As for hubs, does he know it's his turn do a night feeding before he goes to sleep. We used to switch. When he's working I take care of all night feedings. When he's off he does his share.

Jessica C 1 like

Just talk to him. Maybe he didn't mean to give u attitude. Maybe he was just tired? Besides I don't think men understand how hard it is. We are definitely the stronger sex.

Tree M 1 like

This is something I deal with too! But since I breastfeed it's hard for him to help at night. I wake him up to go get baby if he is in his nursery. He will get me anything I need at that time too such as water or a diaper for baby. But other than that I do nights myself. I stay at home with baby and he works so I try to make sure I don't wake him up to much at night. Tell him exactly how you feel! That is what I had to do. Now I have no attitude from husband at night. You just have to compromise

BoyMom 1 like

Don't take the attitude personally. It was probably just him waking up at a weird place in his sleep cycle. Try to get out for a date night just the two of you. It'll get easier!

J C 2 likes

I know how u feel my man expects me to clean do laundry watch both the kids I don't bother him at night but when I say lets just cuddle and go to bed he gets mad cause he wants to have sex

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