Rant. It really makes me mad when women get kicked out of public places for breastfeeding in public. We use covers and it's a natural thing that shouldn't be looked down on. & people that get mad about BFing in public need to grow up a little.

Ksquaredmommy 4 likes

If in not mistaken that's against the law

Julia T 0 likes

So sad to hear that :(

Sydney M 2 likes

It's because now days boobs are seen as a sex object instead of a baby bottle. It's stupid really.

AE M 0 likes

I've never heard of anyone getting kicked out for that reason

Lauren M 2 likes

Yet it's okay for Victoria's Secret models to have big posters showing almost everything off at the mall and girls to walk around public half naked. When I have my son and I have to breastfeed you're damn right I will even if it's in public. If I have a cover and you don't like it then don't look at it.

Mandy S 0 likes

It's definitely against the law. I would go there every day just to bf. They can't make you leave, tell them to call the cops if they want you to. Cops will tell them it's your right!

Amanda S 0 likes

Where was this at ?

AE M 1 like

Oh and by the way not everyone uses a cover😁

A E 1 like

Love your rant! Sorry you had to go through that. I am so for public breastfeeding. Best thing ever!

C M 0 likes

It is against the law. So sorry. You should call and complain to the owner or something. I would be pissed!!!

Sheila B 0 likes

Some people are so sensitive! I don't see what the big deal is if you use covers!!

Bryanna T 0 likes

If it's a restaurant and they have that annoying sign "We have the right to refuse service to anyone" then it is not illegal. However, if you have a cover, or a blanket what is the problem? My mother used to breast feed my sisters all the time with s blanket over her. Although I was in Burlington the other day and this women was breast feeding her what looked like three year old with no cover and he was standing up nursing on her. That was a lil disturbing.

C L 1 like

I have never heard of that, and I would have been irate! That is illegal. Whether you chose to use a cover or not. I would have went all mama bear on them! That is ridiculous. That is why we have them! Ugh, people make me so mad sometimes! I can't handle it!

Judy V 0 likes

It's messed up! I can't believe people still get mad over a natural thing. I nurse in public but I will wear a nursing cover. Why should we have to cover up?

Lisa C 0 likes

They are not allowed to do that! If anywhere kicked me out for breastfeeding I would go straight to the media! It's not against the law and they absolutely have no right to do it.

Katy A 0 likes

Some whack job tried to tell a mom that down here and even called the cops. The cops told the woman she was crazy and apologized to the mom. I breastfeed in public whenever I need to and I don't use a cover. Try me.

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