RANT! It makes me so mad when I get the disapproving look from people when I say I only breastfed for 2 months. I had twins, and one got thrush from a medicine he was taking gave it to me and I gave it to his brother. I got sores on my nipples and it was very painful to fed. After two weeks of having a yeast infection from the thrush it killed my milk supply. I wanted to breastfed for 6 months but I'm sorry I couldnt. It just makes me mad that they judge me about it! It's hard enough with twins!

Candace C 0 likes

Dont let them get to u, you definetly gave it your all. I get weird looks when I say Im breastfeeding.. They look at me like Im tied down and that Im crazy for dedicating my time to give my kids what I can.

Mel H 0 likes

Sorry to hear that! Sometimes we just need to ignore judgmental people. Ever since I became a mom, I constantly felt judged all the time by other moms. But, what matters the most is what our babies think of us. Plus, only we know what's best for our LOs.

Johana S 0 likes

You should ignore those negative comments. Some people don't know that it's a very hard thing to do & don't know your situation. It's different for every mommy. People will always judge no matter what you do.

Mommy O 0 likes

They don't know how hard it is, I had twins and I only breast fed for 2 weeks so props to you momma for going that long. It is so much harder with two, your nipples never get a break. I had to stop because I would feed at the same time and my husband was getting deployed and I have no one to hand me my other baby while I latched the other on, and if I fed one at a time, the other would cry while feeding the other and I wouldn't have my husband there to help keep them calm.

Kayla 0 likes

I think you are awesome for breastfeeding twins for 2 months then going through that. You have to do whatever is best for you and your babies. I don't know why people like to judge others on something that is really a personal choice and none of their business. You are doing great :)

Alicia P 0 likes

I only did it for 2 months too. I wanted to do it for atleast 6 months but my LO was having to much trouble with it. Keep your head up. Babies got the most important stuff in those 2 months.

Charo C 1 like

I have twins that were ebf and it's not easy give your self a big pat on the back for even doing it one day I wouldn't listen to everyone who hasn't been in your shoes

Whit C 0 likes

I got to 3 and let me tell you. Nothing shreds your confidence or being like breastfeeding. It's the hardest thing I've ever done and the only thing I've never accomplished like I wanted. I had problems from jump street and only made it to 3 months. Don't feel bad you're an amazing mother. You even had twins. I only had the one.

Mommy M 0 likes

You do not have to worry about people..you are raising your kids they ain't! You know the situation they don't understand..and u do not have to explain such people..who are being judgmental without knowing the facts!!

Isabella M 0 likes

My milk didn't come in for a month! We just went to formula. I wasn't about it. It's not your fault! You did what you could!

Mandy S 0 likes

I couldn't even go that long with 1 baby, so kudos to you! My little guy was such a chomper, I couldn't handle it anymore. He wasn't satisfied, and I was in pain, so he's on formula now and loves it. Don't let anyone make you feel bad...it's not their choice or their business!

Ashlee 1 like

Raising one baby is hard enough can't imagine two. The bottom line is a happy mother is a better mother and if breastfeeding made you unhappy in any way you completely have the right to stop. Breastfeeding made me miserable and one day it hit me it's better to be happy while feeding my baby by bottle then miserable feeding my baby by Breast. I don't regret my choice, and you shouldn't either. Do what you think is best because no one knows better then what's best for your twins then you !

TnT M 0 likes

Screw people.. Who are they to judge! I never lactated with my first, and only was able to bf for 9 weeks with my second. They are both happy and very healthy... And to top it off, they were both preemies!!!

Perris D 0 likes

Not even moms themselves will truly understand another moms struggles. We all have different babies and lives. And we were all raised differently. Breast feeding was hard enough for me with just one! I couldn't imagine two at once with alla that going on. Your babies are alive and well, so they can all F$!K off ;)

Velvet D 0 likes

At least you tried. I always say breastfeeding is harder and more painful than labor. Add the fact that you had twins. I couldn't imagine the difficulties. Plus some breastmilk is always better than no breastmilk

Lid & 0 likes

Ur amazing for taking care of two precious little lives everyday! It's great that u breastfed them for 2 months! I only have one little lady on my hands and breastfeeding her alone was super hard. You go mama!

Cassie L 1 like

I had made this same comment the other day. My supply dried up and I felt like people thought I didn't try hard enough. Oh but I did. It happens. You gave your LO the best you could do. Your a wonderful mommy.

Linsi M 0 likes

Forget them! I always chalk it up to anyone who has never had twins will never understand. I don't care if you've had kids 9 months apart, it's not the same thing! My mom constantly compares me to my SIL who has only had singleton pregnancies (10 years apart). Apples to oranges. Just smile & nod & know that they don't have a clue. Keep up the good work mama, you're doing an amazing job!!

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