Random question... Would you ladies volunteer to be a surrogate for your friend and/or family member? 🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨

Cristine C 2 likes

I couldn't do it, I'd be too attached to the baby.

Josie 3 likes

I would! But my husband is NOT ok with it!

Cara J 3 likes

I would if I could but my pregnancies are considered high risk

Brittany β 3 likes

I don't think I could bc I would get way too attached.

Momma L 0 likes

I couldn't.. I'd get too attached to the baby..

sarah E 1 like

Possibly if it was all there baby! :) (Not my eggs or my so sperm)

BoyMom 0 likes

That's tough. I enjoyed being pregnant so I wouldn't mind carrying an extra baby... But I feel if I carried the baby and gave it over I would be way too critical of their parenting skills and would have a hard time when something wasn't done "my" way... It'd be like if someone was watching my kid and wasn't doing things the way I want them done

Out N 1 like

I would

Mak3 W 1 like

Yes! I would. I have a gay friend that already asked me to be one for him. As long as it's not my egg.

Brianna f 1 like

Oh good point @Sarah

Katie S 1 like

I thought about it. It would be a huge decision. I would love to be able to do that for someone I love. I think I would do it, but I don't think my fiancΓ©e would be all for it. But again, if it were really happening I think we'd seriously consider doing it.

sarah E 0 likes

I just wouldn't be able to give someone else my dna! And we don't want to have any more kids of our own...... but I am willing to go through a pregnancy for some one else to have a baby

Caitlin V 1 like

I would. I would love to give someone I love the joy of their own baby. I have to admit I would be pretty attached to the baby but I think that would translate to me being the auntie who spoils the baby like no other.

Sabrina W 2 likes

Absolutely not. I would feel the baby is mine and probably back out and keep the baby. Lol

Julia C 1 like


Alyson D 2 likes

Honestly, I don't enjoy being pregnant enough to do it for someone else. So no.

Karina R 1 like

Absolutely! That's all I need to say πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ

Jessica 1 like

I would if they paid me.. I'm not jacking my body up again for free :/ sorry.

JVP 1 like

Family member yes. Id request a c-section though. I have a friend who was one for her family. (:

Katelyn❀️ E 1 like

Nooo pregnancies aren't easy and I'd get attached to the baby. I'll probably want to keep it and go crazy lol

Ashley C 2 likes

I've thought about it! It's an amazing gift to be able to help someone have a child who otherwise couldn't. I think I would do it.

Whitney A 1 like

I think I could. Knowing going into it that it WASNT my baby I think I could do it with out getting attached. My husband on the other hand would not be ok with it.

Whitney A 2 likes

And also, to be able to give someone the most amazing gift on the planet would be so satisfying.

Hillary M 1 like

No I couldn't. I would get too attached and I hate postpartum hormones. πŸŒ€

Luna G 1 like

No, not for me.

Idene P 1 like

There is only one person I would do it for. My husband & I agreed that would be ok. My best friend has been trying for years 2 have a little one but she gets extremely sick & her body treats the fetus as a foreign object & she always miscarried. Yes, they'll be some type of attachment but I would always know that it's giving the gift of love & if anything we're best friends. I could see the baby whenever I want. We all have had this discussion, if & when she wants to go that route- I'm here.

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