I wasn't raised bilingual, but I speak fluent Spanish after years of practicing. My baby's father's family are Hispanic, and I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on raising bilingual children? Do you speak one language at home or do you speak both?

Ruth A 0 likes

I speak both (sometimes) Lol

Mariah N 1 like

The tips I read in What to Expect is to have one parent speak the foreign language exclusively to the baby and the other speak the home language 😊


Well my parents are Spanish and we always spoke Spanish at home. Since they know very little English... I have 3 older siblings so we spoke English to each other and also in school. You should speak both at home. That way you're both learning.

Sami 0 likes

My daughters babysitter speaks nothing but Spanish and I don't speak any. I guess it's time I learn though lol she's four months

Daisy S 1 like

I speak both. We did that with my smallest brother and he understood both languages since little.

Hippymama ? 0 likes

I know I may sound like an asshole but my husbands family is Hispanic and I'm part but raised in a German family, I will not have my child speaking both languages. She's going to be around English & those who don't want to speak to her in English, will not be around at all. If she wants to learn Spanish later, more power to her. πŸ™Œ

M&S M 0 likes

I speak both, but the pediatric told me to speak my language at home cause soon when they go to school they will learn English & speak it more

Carolina M 0 likes

I speak Spanish to my LO , I'm with her all day , once my SO comes home he talks to her in English bc he doesn't speak Spanish , she seems to understand both she's 6 months . I'm planning to continue speaking Spanish , bc I want her to learned well . I told my SO it will be good for him as well so hopefully he can learned as well 😊

Annie P 0 likes

I spoke two languages to my boys since day one. Now at 8 and 6 years old they understand everything, but answer in English.

Aimee A 0 likes

My husband is from Costa Rica and speaks both English and Spanish. I can only speak English, I understand some things in Spanish but I'm still learning... He speaks Spanish to LO and I speak English to her. She's only 3 months old lol but it's best to start as early as you can!

Aimee A 1 like

I have a 2 1/2 year old girl in my class who speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently. I also have a 3yo boy who is fluent in English, French and Italian. And a 3yo girl who is fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, and is learning Korean. Another 3yo boy who speaks English and Slovokian. AND a 20 month old girl who speaks only Italian at home and English at school. It's crazy. These kids know more languages than I do!!! It's so great!

Sonia R 0 likes

We speak Spanish to our babies they will learn English in school but my 2 yr old learned it from YouTube watching educational videos

Nel D 2 likes

We speak Spanish at home, my daughters understand EVERYTHING, but only speak a little. Spanish has become a very important language, a lot of jobs pay a little more for being bilingual, I wish my kids would talk more.

Yarima H 0 likes

We speak Spanish at home all the time!!

Renata Pouzas C 0 likes

If you are a fluent Spanish speaker, I recommend everyone speaks Spanish. You could also learn a lot more from the practice. Your kid will learn perfect English regardless at school. My husband is American, and I am Brazilian. At first, I spoke mostly English because I wanted everyone (hubby & family) to be able to communicate with the baby. Since he was 9-10 months, I have been speaking both languages together every single time I speak. He understands both right now :)

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