Question: so, several people told me that I can introduce baby food to my twins when they turn 4 months (which is in 2 weeks). 4-6 months is when babies can start on baby food & start adding some rice cereal to their bottle. How true is this? Have any of you ladies fed your infant-baby food at 4 months?? I hope it's true bc I'm excited about making organic baby food at home for them.

Chelsey H 2 likes

You can introduce rice cereal at 4 months, but don't put it in the bottle. It's a choking hazard. Mix it in a bowl with formula and juice, it's a great way to introduce spoons.

Susan B 0 likes

Started both of mine at 4 months. After a couple of weeks on rice or oatmeal, I started introducing them to veggies. They ate cereal and veggies for 3 months with their formula before I introduced them to the sweetness of fruit. At 17 months old they are great eaters and love their veggies and fruit.

Nicole 0 likes

I started my son at 4 months

Jamie A 0 likes

I did introduce rice cereal to my baby at 4 months Gerber has this rice cereal that is Apple banana flavored so that you don't have to add baby food to it and my little lady loves it it is her favor meal of the day my baby only poops once a day so I add a little dark Karo to the bottle to make the bananas don't constipate her

Taryn C 2 likes

I fed mine here and there at two months to get him used to the spoon and see if he had allergies. Now at 5 months he eats everything and loves it

Taryn C 2 likes

Not to be rude but I wouldn't feed your baby flavored cereal. It's not natural Making your own or the organic kind is best

Kat M 0 likes

I fed my baby oAtmeal for two weeks when he turned 4 months (some rice has traces of arsenic) then added veggies for a week and then added friut for a week and then after that he was eating his his fruits and veggies everyday. I added protein a few months later.

MAMA B 1 like

You can introduce cereal at 4m and then within two weeks introduce veggies; when u do start veggies make sure it is only one veggie per week to see for allergies. Also you will know when your LOs are ready! I had my LO on veggies from 4m GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN

J B 7 likes

I would speak to your pediatrician before offering your twins food. Since most twins are preemies, sometimes their stomachs aren't developed enough at 4 months. Also, it is not recommended to put any food in the bottle, unless specified by the doc for medical issues like reflux. I waited until 6 months to feed my daughter solids, but she was breastfed. Rice cereal does have arsenic in it, so we chose to skip that and went straight to homemade veggie purée. Ask doc before making the decision.

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I would talk to your Ped. It is 4-6 months but best is to wait til 6 months. However do not add cereal to bottle unless your Ped tells you too. It can cause harmful complications.

Aprilbaby 1 like

Jamie. I wouldn't keep adding karo to your baby. Once a day is actually normal and sometimes a lot. Babies can go once a week and be just fine but to add karo when she's not having a problem is not a good habit.

Emree's M 2 likes

My baby's pedi told me to only start my baby with unsweetened rice cereal. Not in a bottle, in a bowl to prepare her to start eating from a spoon. She informed me to wait on baby food until my baby turn 6 months. By 6 months a baby's digestive system is developed. When you try baby food, you want to stick to the same flavor for at least a week. By doing this, you will be able to tell if your baby has any food allergies and if so, you will be able to tell from what food your feeding them.

Charo C 2 likes

I skipped cereal and did my own baby food at 6 months for my twins by 8 months they were eating table good

J B 2 likes

It is not just bananas that constipate, but rice cereal in general is a binding agent and will cause constipation. My opinion, if you are feeding your baby rice cereal you might be feeding them a bit to early. Rice cereal is usually given for reflux, or as a starter to learn to eat from a spoon. Since it has very little nutritional value, it's rarely used for that and will not help your little one sleep through the night. That is a myth as well.

Brookley G 1 like

Talk to your ped dr first but I started my daughter at 4 months. However do NOT add cereal into a bottle!!! It's a choking hazard and doesn't help the baby learn to spoon feed. I left the bottle for her formula and used a spoon for anything else that went into her mouth. Good luck :) it really is an exciting time!

Amy G 0 likes

I started at 4 months but make sure u pick something and use it for a week and don't rush it.

connie f 0 likes

i waited until 6 mo with my son simply because of the risk to open gut... check with your ped and make sure it's safe according to them, first. i'd think that with twins, you may want to wait a bit longer simply because they usually don't get a chance to gestate for a full 38-40 weeks

Marianne M 0 likes

We waited until 6 months on our pedi's guidance and started with oatmeal instead of rice because of the arsenic concerns. We did veggies before fruits and waited 3-5 days before introducing anything new, to watch for reactions. I made most of my own food, but found the organic squeeze pouches more interesting and sometimes cheaper when they're on sale. It's all fun and it's hard to wait. My dd is a star eater now and not an allergy in sight. (Still haven't done seafood, but that's on me)

Ashley L 0 likes

We started my daughter on rice cereal at 3 1/2 months(:

A V 0 likes

I started baby cereal with all 3 of my boys at 4 months but I never put it in the bottle. I was told by my ped that it was a choking hazard. So I spoon fed. It was messy at first but they learned. I started puréed food at 6 months.

Jessica Y 0 likes

I started purée food at 4 months

Kacey B 0 likes

I started my daughter on baby food at 4 months. It can't hurt them at all. She absolutely loved it!

Jamie A 0 likes

My Pediatrition is the one who told me about the Karo because of the banana and the rice making it hard for her to poop

M. S 0 likes

Your the mommy and know what your babies need!! Fallow your gut!!! Best of luck and the fun be gains!!!

Melly's M 0 likes

Talk to your pedi. My daughter just went for her 4 month check up and the dr gave us the option to either start or wait until she turned 6 months

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