Question for moms of children with autism: Prior to your child being diagnosed, did you have any inklings that something wasn't right? Like, Dr. told you something specific you brought up wasn't a concern, but after being diagnosed you're realizing your gut was right?

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I knew something was going on with my son when he was around 2. There was just certain things. Everything had to be in it's exact correct spot. Even in stores if he found something misplaced he had to put it back. The main thing was his anger issues. We first got a diagnosis of mood disorder (kinda like bipolar) and ADHD when he was 6ish. We started dealing with that but there was something missing. There was more going on with him.

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Then at age 8ish we got the diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder. It is on the autism spectrum. He is now 10. Some days are great and done days are not so great. He has taught me so much about love and patience and understanding!

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I never took my son to a regular pediatrician for his diagnosis'. I took him straight to a psychologist and then a psychiatrist.

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Sorry that was so much! Lol!

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My son wasn't walking until about 18months and no speech accept mom and dada. I kept telling the doc I felt something wasn't right he just kept saying he would do it when he was ready. My son suffered from hypoxia ( lack of oxygen to the brain) at birth. I finally was able to find a psychologist around the time he was three. He also had frequent meltdowns and wouldn't look at me. He is now nine and I home school him. I knew as his mom something just wasn't right.

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I wish more doctors would listen to the parents. We are with them daily and can tell when something just doesn't feel right.

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I knew something wasn't right with our oldest, I would see him at 2, spinning the wheels on his tricycle for hours, lining cars up and if his stack of blocks fell it was a meltdown that lasted for hours, I asked the pedi and she sent him for eval. With out second baby with ASD, I knew around the time he turned one, he stopped babbling, had little eye contact, hand flapping, toe walking. Use your gut, you know your baby best.

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My son was diagnosed about 2 years ago with being "on the Spectrum." We, to, noticed thins weren't right around 2 years old. He wasn't verbal at all, didn't show any interest in walking and preferred to be by himself...a lot. As he got older, a few more things pop up: his toys had to be lined up a certain way, he spun in circles a lot, hated loud noises and, even today, has a very hard time when things deviate from a set schedule. Even a little. He is 7 and still struggles with understanding....

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.....time. If you tell him something is going to happen later or tomorrow, in his mind, it will NEVER happen. He was also diagnosed with Acute ADHD (we had no idea ADHD could be considered Acute.) He is on medication for that; Daytrana. A patch (bc will not take oral meds).

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He is also very very affectionate. In an appropriate way, with people and other children. Because of his issues, he did have to attend separate classes at school for children with special needs and he does have an IEP. He mainstreamed into his regular 1st grade class toward the end of the year and will be mainstreamed, hopefully, completely once he starts 2nd grade. He school district he is in, has been great!

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Autism and ADHD are strange "animals." "Arming" yourself with knowledge about both, can really be of help when your LO starts school.....I get a bit long winded when I talk about my special boy. :)

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He also has a developmental delay and his speech really isn't that of a 7 year old; more like 4 or 5 year old. He did see a psychiatrist and a developmental pediatrician... I didn't even know they had those. :). With our jobs, we, luckily did not have to pay for those services so he did seem the regularly. Other therapies we did have to, like speech and ABA Therapies, and those ARE EXPENSIVE! Our insurance didn't cover a whole lot for those; so it for tricky there for awhile.

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Lego Mama- I could talk about my son forever too! Lol! There's just so much that goes on that its kinda hard to put it into 400 characters. Lol!

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Adrian V.. I know, right!? 500 characters just isn't enough! :)

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I meant Adrean... damn auto correct. :)

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Ladies, thanks for your input... I've noticed small things, but my husband says I'm overreacting (and I hope he's right) although I know early intervention with anything for a child is KEY! My son doesn't say anything (only makes noises) and loud noises make for one unhappy baby! He runs on a very tight schedule (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's super hard for our family because we are on the go people.) There's more, but as you know 400 characters doesn't cut it!

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How old is your son? What are some if the other things he does? We might be able to help give you an idea if you should get him tested or wait.

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