Question at what age did you stop breastfeeding? I know it's the best but my son never would latch and after 3 months of pumping I'm soo over it. I feel guilty but we have no life outside of the house with pumping every 2 hours.

Toni P 0 likes

I only did it for a month for my oldest and two months for my youngest

Jennifer D 1 like

14 months exclusively! So no bottles at all, I didn't really do much during that time. But it does go by fast and I wouldn't have changed it!

Eryn β 2 likes

I stopped after a week! I had to go back to college 2 weeks after having him, and we were both stressed! I couldn't stand that he wasn't eating. Don't let anyone try to tell you you're in the wrong for formula feeding! My son is happy and healthy.

Anonymous 0 likes

I've been giving my son exclusively for almost 10 months,no bottles. I will let him him wean himself off,if not I'll probably stop within the next 6 months . Have you thought about about having a lactation consultant that could help your baby to latch properly ?

Meagan W 1 like

I breastfeed only at night in bed cause DD sleeps with me. She's 3 mo old. I ebf till she was 1 mo then breastfeed off and on with formula supplementing till she was 2 mo. From 2 mo to now i breastfeed at night in bed.

Lacie C 1 like

My daughter wouldn't latch on. I started to use the nipple shield that you put over your nipple. Now she will nurse. If you haven't tried it I would. Website below.

Sarah F 3 likes

Ya we almost lived in the lactation consultants office we were in there so often. I kinda figured that only the moms that were fortunate with easy breast-feeding would answer my question. I know there are moms that don't feed every long but would never say it cause it's looked so down on.

Robin F 1 like

I have heard that the first 6m are the most important

Brindley M 6 likes

Just know that if you do switch to formula the length of time you did give breast milk was wonderful and did amazing things for baby!

Jamie G 2 likes

I tried to EBF but my son was just not getting enough. He was not gaining weight and so we decided to supplement with formula. It was a hard decision because I was so emotionally invested in exclusively breast feeding. By at the end of the day it was about making sure he had enough to eat. The change in him once we started supplementing was amazing. Do what works best for you and your little one. If that means supplementing then go for it!

Katarina O 2 likes

I don't produce a lot so I've been pumping 4 the last mnth! It is tiresome & I'm gng 2 try 2 hang on as long as possible - we also supplement w formula - good luck & I know whatever choice u make will b ok & ure baby will b great!

Eryn β 0 likes

I tried pumping exclusively too. It just wouldn't work with going to school and other life events going on. I couldn't imagine being stuck at home all the time to do that!

Nicole H 1 like

The la leche league book lists all of the benefits your baby gets based on the length of time you breastfed. I can't find it online, but even at 3 months you've already given your LO so many benefits. Do what is best for both you and baby! Enjoy that little one while they are that little!

Samantha O 3 likes

Take note that you need to take care of yourself to take care of baby! I started pumping when I went back to work and it made my supply drop. I tried power pumping every evening and between that and work I had no life. I became stressed, sick and depressed that my son had to switch to formula but really I should have been celebrating the 3 months he got of breast milk. Don't beat yourself up if you choose to stop pumping. Baby will be okay and you will be much less stressed!!!

Teri L 2 likes

3 months of exclusively pumping? Wow great job momma! I quit breastfeeding at 4 months I was working and couldn't make the time to pump and when I was home he was constantly feeding. My milk became mostly foremilk and I just felt it was time to stop. You did awesome and it's something to be proud of!

Zory R 1 like

My son as well did not take the breast that easily either he was not latching on hard enough to express or when he did latch on he would fall asleep immediately having seen the lactation consultant a few times baby was losing weight & the fact I was not sleeping at all because he was always hungry for 2 weeks straight I decided to do what was best for us so I started pumping after 2 weeks until 6 months it was sooooo HARD.

Zory R 1 like

I supplemented w formula at about 5 months my milk supply went down because of work and not being able to pump as often. I do not regret any of it at least I tried.My son is healthy happy & striving and I am grateful! Do what you believe is best for you and your lil 1 do not let anybody make you feel any kind of way you are doing awesome ! At the end of the day its you and your lil 1 that matter ->Happy Mama Happy Baby ;)

Alexandra F 1 like

I feel you. I have been exclusively pumping since my LO was 2 weeks (he is 12 weeks now). I am pretty over having to set an alarm for every 3 hrs to pump although I don't wake up at night to pump. I will try and continue to pump as long as I can, mainly because it is the free option and formula is so expensive. I have a pretty large stock pile of frozen milk so once I'm getting close to being done I will figure out how much I have frozen for him. Hoping to get as close to a year but we will see

MAMA B 1 like

I stopped with my dd at 5 Months I couldn't keep up with her and right now I'm still breast feeding and pumping all day for bottles at night and while I'm at school!!! I would stop anywhere from 6-12 months!!! Good luck

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I couldn't bf. I didn't produce any milk. But I will say any amount is better than none so a few months is great and better than not doing any. Also your frustration, anxiety, and stress effects your baby. So while breast milk is great for your baby you need to do what's best for you and your baby which means how you feel too. Also my LO is exclusively formula fed and perfectly healthy and happy. Meets all milestones ahead of where he should and the doc says he's perfect so don't feel bad

Aprilbaby 1 like

Your little one will be fine either way.

Danielle B 1 like

I only breastfed my son for 2 months. I have extremely flat nipples and even with a nipple shield, he couldn't latch properly. I had the nurses and consultant from hell. They were so critical and judgmental. My son would just scream and scream and I would cry right along with him because they just wouldn't stop pawing at both of us. I don't feel bad in the least for switching to formula. Sometimes it is just hard on your body and mind. But you're doing a wonderful job!

Jamie F 2 likes

I made it to 4 months and am proud of that. It's not easy, anything you have done is great and you should stop when it feels right to you. There is no too soon

Sarah F 2 likes

Thank you so much for all the positive comments!!!!

Marianne M 0 likes

16 months and still breastfeeding. I've been pumping since day 1. She was in NICU and didn't learn how to nurse for about a month. We've done bf and bottle from the start (now sippy cups) and still pump 1x a day at work. Prefer to bf when I'm with her. I planned to stop a 1 yr, but she wanted to keep going! Yeah!

Marianne M 0 likes

If you're pumping, you have good milk. I'd see an LC to see if you can get him to latch. You'll enjoy it a lot more and get to relax over the whole thing. You're making a great effort this far!

Shawna G 1 like

Your doing awesome to make it three months! I was the same, had to exclusively pump and at 3 months I decided to stop. Emotionally it was very hard but what I think was best for us because I was way too stressed trying to keep up with pumping.

Cara L 1 like

Both my daughters have now had latching Problems. My second daughter luckily uses the shield not First I had to pump ti she was 3-4months then she used the shield. She latched around 6 months. I would try the shield before switching to formula. The new shields are so great and you don't have to pump after because your production isn't affected like it would have been with the older style shields.

Jennifer D 1 like

Omg!! It wasn't easy the first 3 months, but I kept at it!!! My son was born a month early so hadn't developed the sucking reflex. I remember feeding him and he would cry & pull off and I would think to myself "I thought breastfeeding was easy?" It does get easier, much easier!! And when that happens its magical, before that it was a battle...

Jennifer D 1 like

Do what's right for you and your baby! Breastfeeding is great and so is formula! Be proud of yourself for accomplishing what you did!! <3

Karrine D 1 like

I started loosing my supply around 4 month with both of my babies. I tried pumping but, even though my babies latched on perfectly, my supply dried up. I went to formula after that. At first I was mad at myself for not trying hard enough but I realized that I did what was best for my babies. Don't beat yourself up over this, you do what you need to do for you and your baby.

Nicki S 1 like

Breast-feeding for three months is awesome way to go mom sometimes it is what it is :( it's not an enjoyable bonding experience if you are both stressed out the whole time. I'm sorry it has been hard for you but major kudos for trying

Brandis G 0 likes

I breastfed for 22 months, 18 months, 30 months and i'm currently breastfeeding my 20 month old! It is definitely challenging at the beginning each time but it gets much easier as they got older. I never bought bottles or formula so that i wouldn't give up on a hard day. I also never thought that i would ever breastfeed for over a year until it happened. They weren't ready to be done & neither was i. I decided to let them wean when they were ready!

Mary G 2 likes

I quit after 5 weeks. Breastfeeding felt like torture. Best decision I ever made!! Your baby got some breast milk. Which is great! But remember-- Formula is a wonderful healthy option too!!

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