Public Breastfeeding Rant- having a debate w my mom on it is hysterical. She is so against a woman just whipping it out to feed. I'm on team whip it out and who gives a sh**. I'm done w having to be insecure about having a baby. How can a woman breastfeeding her child in public be offensive but the Victoria secret models breast blown up and plastered on the side of a store not be. And why do I have to cover up to feed my baby in public but a woman spilling out of a low cut top doesn't have to.

Katie C 7 likes

Rock on momma!!!

Kaylees M 2 likes


Momma T 8 likes

#normalizebreastfeeding #anythingforourbabies #strongmommas πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘

Brianna f 5 likes

Amen!! I'm a little more conservative so I use a cover but am 1000% for team whip it out! If you want to stare at leaky sometimes engorged boobies then go for it lol babies have to eat too and shouldn't have to wait!

Rave M 3 likes

Yes momma!!!!!!

Gabriela P 0 likes

Exactly! I agree. Or these pictures on social media of women naked, literally..they get praised and all, and breastfeeding pictures get reported! It's stupid. I only breastfed for a couple of weeks and dried up, but I never hid from anyone to feed my child. I simply didn't give a shit.

Adriel's Mama 1 like

I'm with ya!!

Melissa M 1 like

Personally im a little shy to just whip it out lol so I just cover myself

Min Z 1 like

I'm with with you! I have no shame if my baby needs to eat then he needs to, if they don't like like then don't look/stare besides its rude to do that anyways!

Caitlin V 7 likes

Short answer: that Victoria secret model is a million times more offensive than a woman breast feeding. Some women are so afraid of children seeing that. Know what happened when my 4 year old last saw a woman whip out her boob and feed her baby? He looked at me and said "Finally! That baby needed some booby. Now he will be quiet and happy!" We even went to see my cousin and he urged her to just give her baby some booby when she started to cry. He told her "That always works with brother!"

Caitlin V 1 like

And that's with totally zero coaching from us. All I did was breastfeed in front of him and explain boobs are for feeding babies.

Megan W 0 likes

Amen!! I'm just starting to not use a cover in public and it makes feeding her so much easier!

Olivia N 1 like

Society is retarded that's why, there are some establishments coming around like target and many other places who are all for breastfeeding mommies:)

Mama 0 2 likes

Society wants to sexualize a woman's body, apparently the only thing we're good for is sex. That's why they love all these billboards of women half dressed but have a damn cow when someone uses heir breasts for THEIR REAL PURPOSE. I hate people

Amy C 1 like

Omg Caitlin that's awesome! You have a funny little child I love it!

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