Hey everyone I'm preparing my hospital bag. Any tips on what I should add? Also, I would like to know if anyone washed the baby's clothes before putting it on them and is it a good idea? I keep hearing two sides to it.

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Yes wash the baby clothes. Take Chapstick !!!! Omg the hospital is so dry your lips will crack. Pack phone charger and yoga pants for ride home:-)

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Socks (that can get dirty) Chapstick Breath mints Feminine pads Granny panties Witch hazel pads Yes prewash all baby clothes and the clothes you and Daddy will be wearing in Dreft or something hypoallergenic. And get ready like it's a normal day. You'll feel better with hair and makeup and look fresh in photos and for visitors!

Julie B 3 likes

Always washed them. Just in case they have really sensitive skin. Bring the boppy. It make bf easier.

Erika H 2 likes

Def wash the clothes. If you're nervous about it use Dreft. I got a "nightgown" from Walmart (it's not really like a nightgown. It's more of a spaghetti strap dress but in the pj section) and it was amazing to wear after birth. Got a size bigger so it was loose and flowy. Don't need undies, they'll give you the mesh ones (stock them up in your bag for at home) headbands. Toiletries. You really don't need much. They have mostly everything you NEED

Olya T 2 likes

I washed all of the baby clothes inside out and cut off alllllll the stupid tags:) Most of the stuff I packed I didn't even use honestly. Make sure to have ur shower stuff and a scrunchy/headband. Also get the crystal( I think that's the name of the deodorant that is aluminum free) if u plan to Breast feed Snacks!!! In case u deliver in the middle of the night and there is nothing open. My bag was stuffed with granola bars and Rice Krispie bars šŸ˜œ

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Get a nightgown! You can wear your own so your butt doesn't show haha. Chapstick is a must. Also bring a bath towel, I used the shower and birthing tub a lot and hospital towels are just hand towels. Some extra pony tail holders if you have long hair.

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I also took few boxes of chocolates just to say thank you for the nurses!

Jennifer M 5 likes

Get a night gown with buttons down the front or pjs that have buttons .. Bring slippers, chap stick, your own pillow.. Nipple cream if you plan on breast feeding.. Yoga pants or comfy pants for coming home, large shoes or flip flops for home your feet may swell.. Also bring snacks

Julia K 1 like

Stool softener! Pajamas and fuzzy socks (those floors are cold) little shampoos and conditioners. I also packed the pain relief spray to help with the tear site (hope you don't need it)

Lucy C 1 like

I would suggest bringing your own nightgown with a zipper so when you breastfeed it's easier for you :)

Liz J 3 likes

I agree with everything everyone said but the only thing I would add is: Fuzzy socks Slippers Shampoo/conditioner/shower gel cause when u take ur first shower it's amazing

Natalie D 1 like

Snacks!!! I delivered at 1:59 AM and asked for food after and they were like ummm everything is closed but we can bring you sandwiches and juice needless to say I ate 2 sandwiches and drank 6 things of apple and crab juice šŸ˜©šŸ˜©šŸ˜© I hadn't eaten since noon that day! Also I straightened my hair before I went and just brought headbands to use (worked really well) I brought my hair products and makeup it came in handy because a photographer came the next day and the pics were great šŸ˜

Emily C 2 likes

A comfy bra.

Annie P 3 likes

Agree with everything!! Have a pedicure and wax!!! LOL that was my tradition with my 3 deliveries!!!

Danielle M 2 likes

Yes wash baby clothes. I over packed but an obvious is your phone charger lol and head phones if you labor for a while. I brought a robe but never wore it but brought yoga pants, panties/sports bra & shirt. Slippers or flip flops to walk around in. Chapstick & makeup if you do pics. I never bought a nightgown so I asked for a second gown to cover front and back. I never took my boppy just used a pillow. For baby I brought his diaper bag w/clothes, mittens and hat

Dixie P 1 like

Slippers... My legs were so swollen after. Yoga pants, sports break to go home in. And yes wash the baby clothes. Clothing goes through so many hands and in up on the floor on the store.

Trista B 1 like

Definitely wash baby clothes! I didn't get dreft cause it's damn expensive haha. Any "free&clear" detergent will be fine. Some brands have a baby detergent also! Make sure you have plenty of hair ties, headbands, and Chapstick! Oh my lord my lips were wrecked after labor my mom had to go get me a Chapstick cause I didn't have any! And the one thing I wish I had was a nightgown, I ended up staying in the hospital gown my whole stay cause the nursing pajamas I brought were too uncomfortable.

Alicia P 2 likes

Nursing bra I used hospital gowns but I used one on the backside as well I bleed so bad I got it on several gowns :( I bought a cute night gown the first time around and made a mess of it:( you can ask for just about anything you need!!

Alicia P 1 like

I asked for lanolin, nursing pads, extra pads ( the big ones came in handy for night at home!), I brought my own shower stuff and deodorant... I asked for a fan the last time and they have me it too take home! Movies help time go faster but they might not have a DVD player you might want to ask... Some hospitals provide movies too! Good luck!!!!

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Night gown yoga pants and granny panties

Courtney ā 1 like

Yes wash the baby clothes before hand ! Trust me their skin is so sensitive you don't want anything to irritate it Pack some cozy socks ( I hate hospital socks ) get some baby wipes ( for yourself , especially if your delivering vaginally , my hospital didn't provide them & I felt gross with all that blood when I woke up & I couldn't shower yet plus they're great to hand to your guest before they hold your little one ) Pack weather appropriate clothes for your LO ( we left in a snow storm )

Maria M 1 like

Okay so what I learned is that you need a nightgown, yes. The one with buttons is easiest to breastfeed. I would stay away from pants, even yoga. They were uncomfortable to me. I had C-Section and couldn't stand anything on my belly. Yes, to all the above. Toiletries, socks, shampoo/conditioner (hated there's) and things for your husband! An extra blanket and maybe a neck pillow. Take something to entertain yourself. Games, iPad movies, books. I was in the hospital for over a week due...

Courtney ā 1 like

& food lol my husband was more scared than I was, I was so cal throughout everything But I was starving ! We arrived at 1 am and of course everything was closed so he literally ran to jack in th box next door and ran back lol luckily my son wasn't born until 9 am

Maria M 1 like

Due to complications. So you never know. Comfy close is crucial. For you and for your DH. OH! Also I took three different little outfits. I was supposed to be having a huge baby and my LO was only 5lbs. So he was in preemie clothes. You never really know how big your LO is gonna be. :] that's all I can come up with now. Lol

Bri R 1 like

Snacks ,something to put the little one in I found the hospital provided clothes where really rough and stiff, phone and charger, pen and note book bring both blue and black ink pen some paperwork may need to be filled out in a specific colour and nurses tend to be picky about lending their pens out they will also ask when the baby had a wet diaper dirty diaper how much they ate and when easier to keep track of if you have paper, something comfy to change into from the hospital gown

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Extra undies for yourself I hated the mesh ones and only used them the night I deliveried the next day I wanted my own i felt more comfortable a couple extra clothes for your lo in case they spit up and mittens for them in case they have long nails so they don't scratch themselves

Jenn V 1 like

Camera for taking pictures while you are there. I wanted a robe to have because it got chilly. Everything everybody else said I agree. If you want your baby to have a pacifier bring your own because lots if hospitals don't offer them any more.

Natalie D 2 likes

Oh and try and take as much from the hospital as you can, diapers, lanolin, the spray they give you if you have stitches that burn or itch, wipes... Honestly I took the blanket they give you because it was so comfy and it came in handy for those nights I would travel around the house being up with the baby!

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If you bring the baby book/frame whatever they will stamp their feet on there for you! Also prepare for how much you're going to spend if you're buying hospital baby pics! And I dk if this applies to you but at my hospital they don't let you wear contacts in delivery so take your glasses!

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