Preparing for our first 9 hour road trip with LO (4.5 months) from Ontario to Quebec City. Debating at the point if we should drive through the day or overnight. So nervous about messing up our LO sleeping (sleeps through the night every night) Anyone else make this far of a trip with little one?

Lauren C 0 likes

That's not bad 9 hrs next week we are drivng to florida and I have a 5 month old...guna have to make several stops to feed him and hopefully it doesn't mess with his sleep

Lyla H 2 likes

4 hours. She just didn't go to bed until one that night. Was horrible.

Alia M 0 likes

We drove from NYC to DC when they were three months old...and though it wasn't supposed to be a nine hour trip, it took us that long to get there because of traffic, stops, and weather. 😳 I would suggest building in lots of breaks because our babies got tired of being in their car seats. Map out places to feed and change in advance so that you're not stuck between rest stops with an unhappy baby. Safe travels!

Miranda K 2 likes

We took a 12 hour trip with our little one when he was 3 months. Don't worry about messing up the schedule because they sleep most of the time anyway. My son even came home and went to bed early and slept threw the night. We drive the whole time we do not stop to sleep.

Tara R 1 like

We normally drive through the night every time because there's no traffic. My LO is up majority of the day, maybe has two short naps. We will also have our 6 year old niece with us who will sit beside her in the backseat. Though maybe she would keep him more Awake. My LO just loves his car seat, sleeps whenever he's in it lol

Carol M 2 likes

We didn't have a road trip but a 12 hour plane ride, much preferred the overnight flight. My son slept most of the time on the flight on the daytime flight and wouldn't go to sleep that night. So maybe plan to drive at nap/sleep time.

Elizabeth . 1 like

We did the exact same trip (Toronto to mt St Anne, Quebec) with our daughter in the winter! 10 hrs! We travelled at night, so it wasn't that much of a change for her, and we took lots of diaper stops! (3 blowouts) . Line the car seat with extra blankets just in case of poop disasters!

Liz L 1 like

Last year our daughter was 5 months old and we took her to Florida (15 hr) it wasn't bad at all .. This year was a lot harder when she was 18 month old

Brittany M 1 like

We did a 13 hour road trip with my 4 month old. We left right around his bedtime and he slept almost the entire trip! If we would have left during the day it would have been a disaster! I also downloaded these Fischer price apps on my phone and whenever he would fuss I would turn it on and let him play, saved my life.

Momma H 1 like

I would go during the day! We are a military family and do 10hr + trips quite frequently. I've learned it's better for you and your spouse to drive after a good nights sleep in the daylight... We did over night a few times and by the time we get to our destination me and him are running on empty, have been up all night, and the kids fully rested and ready to go! Lol during the day everything I opened too so guys can stop for lunch/dinner stretch your legs it will be more enjoyable

Momma H 1 like

Ohh and you don't have to whisper in the dark the whole ride lol

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