Does anyone know of any detox teas or recipes that are safe to use while pregnant ? I've been feeling really horrible lately and need a detox..

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I was always told no detox is good while pregnant. Pregnancy makes you feel funny... Uncomfortable... Not normal... And constipated... Embrace it. 💋

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You can make green juices with fruits and veggies you have at home it's all healthy

Jennifer W 1 like

I don't think detox teas are recommended while prego. Maybe try green juices, lots of water and not eating meat for a week or so.

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I think most are not safe just because they can dehydrate you but maybe just a water cleanse and eat a bunch of veggies and cucumber is good for cleansing your body.

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Also load up on vitamin C it works wonders!

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I drank warm lemon water with cayenne pepper every morning then waited 30 mins to eat breakfast. I still do it!

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CCF tea-Cumin, Coriander and Fennel seed tea which is used for detox and purification of body. I am not sure if its safe during pregnancy. You can search about it.

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