What are some of your pregnancy cravings !? The good the bad anything goes ... * smells count too*

Mo D 2 likes

I loved the smell of gas!! Scary right lol


Steak fajitas or anything spicy .

Mariah N 1 like

Sour candy. Weirdest craving ever I think...it's literally all I ate for my first trimester. I couldn't keep anything substantial down. 😁

Anonymous 1 like

Craving VANILLA ice cream! Just plain vanilla lol So boring but sounds so yummy. I also can't resist the smell of bleach. God it smells so good. Anything clean for that matter! *I have already been checked by the doctor and had extensive blood work everything is normal* lol Also gasoline. I love pumping my car. Smells delicious. Crazy how our bodies work.

Sami 1 like

Krispy cream donuts cut in half with kfc Mac n cheese in the middle. Oh my god the greatest thing ever. And fried pb&j with home made funnel cakes. And I only gained 24 pounds when I was pregnant.... I was in heaven hahaha

Kristen 3 likes

I'm with Mo- except I like that all the time haha. Chocolate covered donuts, crushed ice!

Jordan C 4 likes

When I was pregnant I craved pineapples covered in A-1 sauce and the smell of my husbands deodorant would make me gag. lol He had to switch deodorant brands during my pregnancy.

Anonymous 3 likes

I forgot about crushed iced ! So good 😍 @Kristen K

Shirley F 2 likes

Ha just Rice Krispie treats and milk when I was preggo πŸ˜‚

Kestin M 3 likes

When I was pregnant I craved mayonnaise.

Out N 3 likes

Grapefruit both times. Baja blast Mountain Dew. With dd anything red. Red candy, red fruit, red veggies. With LO ice water, red meats rare. I actualy cought myself trying to eat raw. ( I had and still have low iron)

Anonymous 1 like

@Shirley F That sounds delicious!

Alexander's M 2 likes

I went from only likening vanilla ice cream (before pregnancy) to ONLY wanting chocolate now. I agree, funny how our bodies work!!!

Sami 3 likes

My Husband had to change soaps and deodorant when I was pregnant too!!

Mo D 6 likes

Haha we are some weird ladies lol

Kristen 3 likes

Haha it's crazy what pregnancy can do to a lady!!! 😜

Cici 3 likes

Meat meat meat meat πŸ‘

MamaBear 2 likes

I craved raisinettes and bublegum. And I craved the smell of brand new sponges. The yellow part

Sam W 3 likes

I loved the smell of coffee I hate coffee don't drink it at all but I would buy coffee beans put them in a cup and carry it around all day just to sniff lol ... And ate tons of subway and vanilla ice cream

Mommy B 1 like

Ice! Anything flavored buffalo wings, The smell of the laundry drying in the dryer... Weird lol

Kelli M 2 likes

McDonald's cheeseburgers and anything with lemon flavor. I didn't like just about every smell if I was full and had more dislikes than I had cravings

Anonymous 2 likes

I love all of these answers! I am glad I am not alone 😁

Leslie H 3 likes

Chicken wraps! I drive 20 minutes just to get one 😩😍

Rola W 2 likes

I hated chicken 2 years went by and still can't eat it or smell it!!! And all deary made me sick! I used to love Chinese foodπŸ˜‹

Rooj Z 2 likes

I used to crave sushi a lot .. And hated chicken.. And towards the end of pregnancy I wanted to eat markers and muddy stuff (gross I know) but oh God it was hard for me

Andrea 2 likes

Little personal sized pepperoni pizzas from Hot Stuff pizza at the Cenex stores. I hated their pizzas before but started craving them when I was pregnant. We were running late for something and my SO told me no and I started crying. Ruined my makeup. He turned around and never told me no again.

Andrea 1 like

I've always loved the smell of bleach and gasoline even before I was pregnant. Lol

Ellie M 2 likes

I put pizza sauce on like everything lol. Taste and smell was delicious. But pregnancy changed my tastes buds, I never liked onions, humus, or mustard and now I love them lol. It's so weird.

Courtney β 1 like

I loved the smell of my SO when he came home slightly sweaty lol it turned me on We had so much sex while I was pregnant , we didn't stop up until 2 days before our son arrived , my dr was trying to figure out why I was 97% effaced & only 3 cm displayed and me and my SO just had the best laugh because we knew why I craved Chinese food , specifically shrimp EVERYDAY & I HAD to have frozen fruit - mangos / pineapples / strawberries at least 4 times a day

Ashley K 2 likes

My cravings were Taco bell Giradelli raspberry filled dark chocolate Thin mints Milk

Sam R 1 like

I only craved McDonald's hot cakes. And the smell of French onion soup made me soo nauseas. Still to this day. And I used to love the smell of it!

Stacie T 1 like

The smell of subway restaurants made me sick πŸ˜–

Joy D 1 like

I had a problem craving whatever I saw commercials for it was horrible!! And now pp I'm obsessed with krispey Kreme gazed with chocolate and sprinkle doughnuts 🍩. And I absolutely hate doughnuts the made me sick it's weird!

NightOwl 1 like

I only craved ice, beer🍺 and chocolate 🍫

Melissa B 1 like

Fruits and smoothies I got really sick during pregnancy and everything made me sick of my stomach && I wanted dessert like cake and covered strawberries 😍

Melissa B 2 likes

Oh and yes crush ice πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Amy G 1 like

Am I weird never had any lasting cravings. Like I would want chicken salad but once I got it I was good, sometimes it would be days before I was able to get my hands on the food I wanted the a Greek gryo and that was all I could think about and nothing else I ate was quite as satisfying.

Jill S 1 like

Lemons and tomato sauce πŸ‹πŸ

Amanda H 1 like

Reading some of these cracked me up!!! I craved red velvet ice cream & smoothies from Dutch brothers. I went to Subway when I was pregnant & they accidentally got an onion on my sandwich. Let's just say I ended up not having any subway in my stomach! I hate onions! I didn't eat subway for a year.

Boy M 1 like

Pizza and cheese for me!!

Linda J 1 like

Spicy food ... Never ate anything spice before I got pregnant. Now that he's out I still like it.

Linda J 1 like

The smell of bacon and garlic made me sick and I cried because I could not get stuff from my country that i craved! Like fries with a specific stew on top and sweet mayo and curry ketchup :(

Kara’s M 1 like

Chicken salad and pimento cheese. And any kind of dip. The smell at Lowe's I loved! Lol

Erin B 1 like

Bubblegum! My fiancΓ© hated going out in public with me if somewhere had a gimbal machine!! I was like a child. I also craved pb&j sandwiches and pizza like the ones they made in school when I was younger

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