What cravings did you have when you were pregnant ? And was it a boy or girl? I had a boy and i craved lemon, hot sauce, salt and fruits/veggies ! What do you crave with girls?

Baby M 0 likes

Roast beef subs

TERESA W 0 likes

I wanted fruit cups mostly the juice from it. I had a girl ;)

Jaeda C 0 likes

I craved tortilla chips, anything with dill, and McDonalds ice cream sundaes (and I NEVER eat McDonalds!!). I had a girl.

Dani D 0 likes

I had a girl and my biggest craving was crunchy Cheetos with hot sauce lol.

Amy Y 0 likes

I didn't have any cravings...... I had a girl. But I did eat quite a bit of fruit.

Nicole N 0 likes

I had a girl and i was craving only sour and salty foods. :)

Ashley W 0 likes

I caved buffalo chicken and blooming onions and onion rings. I don't like either one but now I love them and still eat them and my LO is 12 weeks now :)

KW 1 like

I went through stages like every month of a different craving. At first it was imos pizza, then subway, then pickles, hot wings, really anything with buffalo sauce, ice cream, grapefruit, cherry limeade, and at the very end all I wanted were granola bars. I drove my hubby nuts! And the whole time I was pregnant I loved dr pepper. I hated it before I was pregnant and I hate it again now that she is here. Lol

Avery K 0 likes

Anything sour

Laura L 0 likes

Garlic and fruit together! Lots of fruit cravings. Chocolate. Coffee (decaf of course). I had a girl 😍

Erin B 0 likes

I had 2 boys and 1 girl. I craved Mexican with all of them haha

Wallaby M 0 likes

Boy- hot sauce, beer, & ice cream with things like Funyuns, salt and vinegar chips, and Fritos to dip in it) Girl- spaghetti w lots of sauce, and I had to eat buttered toast with strawberry jelly at least once a day

Samantha M 0 likes

Chocolate milk, sour gummy worms, mac and cheese. I had a boy.

Holy M 0 likes

I have a boy (20days old) I craved Lemons with salt. Hated sweet...

Holy M 0 likes

Oh yeah and sour candy...

Ashley H 0 likes

Anything sweet. I had a boy.

✨Kelsie B 0 likes

Icecream chocolate milk cinnamon buns and really any snack food , mostly icecream , I had a. Girl

Melissa S 0 likes

I had a girl. Wanted anything sweet. Pie. Cake. Ice cream. Lol

Megan O 0 likes

Girl- cupcakes!!!

Katie R 0 likes

Spicy brown mustard and ice cream cones (just the cone, no ice cream). I had twin boys

Mama B 0 likes

Juicy peaches with a boy))

Linsi M 0 likes

Steak, cheddar mashed potatoes & corn on the cob. My husband had to make it every Saturday night (he was so sick of it by the end of my pregnancy!!) I had twin girls

Wendy W 0 likes

Artichoke hearts and crab legs

Sheila B 0 likes

Sweets!!! Omg I had the BIGGEST a sweet tooth! I could eat half a dozen cupcakes and a couple hours later want more... It was ridiculous. And chocolate pudding... I remember I would buy 4-5 packs at a time

April F 0 likes

Tomatoes lol I had a boy I wanted spicy sour foods but I could never have enough tomatoes.i also ate sour patch kids like crazy. I couldn't eat anything sweet it made me sick

Riechel N 0 likes

I had a girl & I was mostly craving non food items like bleach, laundry detergent, & doggy milk bones (yes I did eat them.)& I work at a resturaunt called captain d's, & everytime I made hush puppy mix I would sniff it & want to eat it. if it was food it was sweets ice cream & chocolate. I had pregnancy anemia . Ate lots of ice & still am ever since my 5 month into my pregnancy. Smh weird

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