So if I potty train my son, do I put pull ups in the morning or underwear??? Pls help

Christina S 2 likes

When I was my potty training my oldest, I would put underwear in the mornings if we were staying at home. I only used pull ups when we were going out or for bedtime.

Crystal H 1 like

I'd say if he's actively using the toilet and letting you know he needs to go then underwear. If not then pull-ups until he does.

Heidi S 1 like

I used pull ups at night but during the day my son wanted nothing to do pull ups so I took him to the store and had him pick out his own underwear. But I was not wanting to clean pee out of the carpets all day so I found some of those plastic underwear to go over top of the underwear my son did great that way.

Emmé b 0 likes

Plastic underwear?

A V 1 like

I never used pull ups at all. Just went straight to underwear. My kids were potty trained completely in a week.

Theresa B 2 likes

I didn't use pull ups with my son, I think they are a waste of money. Hubby and I spent a weekend not going anywhere and left my son come tell naked the whole weekend. By the end of the weekend he was fully potty trained

Jamie S 3 likes

Skip the pull ups. They are basically diapers.

Ciara B 0 likes

Use underwear as much as possible and always have extra clothes! They feel themselves wet from their underwear being wet, just completely different from the pull up being wet

Valerie M 0 likes

I only used underwear and it worked.

Jenna M 0 likes

Underwear, pull ups have that padding in and soaks up the wetness. If he pees in his pants he won't like the feeling, better chances of getting him potty trained'

Kaylie S 0 likes

Emme, the plastic underwear is just basically used as a safety measure! It also helps the little ones feel when they're wet since the pee doesn't get fully absorbed like with a diaper. I would recommend them if your child doesn't seem bothered by being wet or if you have carpet.

Logan's M 0 likes

I'd recommend using underwear. There's less chance of regression than with pull-ups.

Jo T 0 likes

If u are worried about the carpet getting wet, u could use the underwear with a pull-up outer or a swim trunk outer. Lil one will still feel wet & learn from it :)

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