How much weight had you momma's lost by 2 months postpartum? I feel like I'm not losing anything and everyone says that breastfeeding is supposed to help. I also workout every day for an hour. Anyone else get stuck?

Jennifer D 1 like

I'm having the same issue and its been 15 months xD but at my 2 month period I had lost about 25 lbs (most of it was due to water breakin lol) seems even with working out the muscle takes FOREVER to come in.. Keep working on it tho!! ^_^

Jennifer D 1 like

Lol... 5 pounds! I gained 55 pounds during my pregnancy, the weight didn't start coming off until Issac was about 10 months old.

ProudMommy w 1 like

im stuck too n breastfeeding is not helping me loose weight good luck mama

Arrin B 1 like

It dose take a bit to bounce back, especially with your first, hard work and healthy eating go along way, the one big thing I found is don't get frustrated with yourself, you just grew a human. It can get hard especially when you see other moms bounce back so fast, they are ether blessed with an amazingly responsive body/metabolism, or a personal trainer :) so just keep up the good work! Also I cut the gluten it helped me out :) good luck

Karissa L 2 likes

Unless your gluten intolerant it's not a good idea to cut it from your diet. Breastfeeding will help a lot as long as your taking in the proper amount of calories. As a first time mom and personal trainer, it will come took 9-10 months to put it on, give it 9-10 months to completely take it back off :)

Shannan P 1 like

Thanks everyone. I'm about 20 down, but 30 to go!!!

Meg C 1 like

It takes a while. Hormone can do crazy things, especially when breastfeeding, so at 2 months pp your body is still working stuff out. I lost 25 pounds in the first 2 months. And I'm still struggling with the last 10 pounds at 15 months pp. My doctor says it'll probably only come off when my son weans.

Nicole Z 1 like

My MIL made asparagus water for me several times a day when I got home from the hospital. At two weeks I had lost 22lbs...after that I just watched what I ate and drank a lot of water. I also did Lindora and lost another 20lbs. I really like and recommend the Lindora program.

Linnea M 1 like

Yes!!!! I was 105 now 150 4 months post partum was 185 when I gave birth

Nicole 1 like

At 2 months I think I lost about 10 or so pounds

Devin W 1 like

Don't feel bad it took me a while. I was 105 before. I gained 30lbs all belly and lost about 10lbs. There were still people asking when I was due lol. I'm now back to 110. And still have a little belly "flab".

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