Postpartum hair loss 😩😩😩 What did you do to stop your hair from shedding? TYI

Lyla H 2 likes

Prenatals really help. It's completely normal though.

Katie G 2 likes

Just takes time :/

Haily&melanie’s M 2 likes

I thought I was the only one I never heard of this my hair falls like its no ones business I hate it I thought it was cause I bleached me hair could it be both?

Jamie E 2 likes

Oh man, I'm finally out of that stage! 7 months PP and here is what I did that helped: Never comb hair wet Ginger shampoo (the body shop) Prenatal vitamins

Maca T 2 likes

Totally normal and nothing you can really do. You can help it with the prenatals. I still take them. My LO is 8 months old and still losing a LOT of hair 😫. I cut like 6 inches last month and it seems to help just a little but still loosing tons.

Ashley L 2 likes

Totally normal.

Cortney M 2 likes

I'm almost a year pp and still shed clumps πŸ˜₯ and I'm 13 wks pregnant thought that would help but it hasn't much.

C's M 2 likes

Take Biotine !

Jules M 1 like

You don't lose that much hair while pregnant so it's normal to shed it afterwards. Take prenatals but it is what it is. It will go back to normal soon.

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