Please tell me if I'm Way out of my mind. I only need milk and am thinking of stopping at a gas Station locking my kids in the car taking keys with and quick running in to grab and come back out. I absolutely Don't Want my kids going in and practically Licking the floors. Would any of you do something Like this while corona virus is spreading like wildfire?

SesameStreet M 1 like

Yes do it. If people would give you looks weather your kids are in your car or in the store licking floors.

Kristin B 2 likes

No! Can someone watch the kids?

Mel Marie 2 likes

Depends how old they are. My oldest is 10 so I would run in while he held the car down but not sure about little ones since the car won't Lock like that. And there's Also so many plant based milks to make. Almond, oat milk, etc. look online for recipes might save you a bunch of trips!

Jessica D 1 like

How old are the kids?

Tiffany 0 likes

Thanks everyone for your Answers. I don't Have anyone who can watch my kids. And at the moment it's Hard to decide If I want to risk someone who may or may not be carrying the virus to watch them. They are 2 and 5. Almost 6. I called my local police station and asked if it would be appropriate. They are almost always at the gas station I go to. I asked them to simply keep watch. All went smoothly. I don't Want to leave them but they will touch EVERYTHING.

Hi T 1 like

Just go and watch at the same time.

girlmom x 2 likes

Honestly I did it at my old gas station occasionally. Very rural and the owners were very kind. Usually one of them would go stand by my vehicle if they saw me coming in alone. They knew it was difficult for me to bring 3 kids in for one little thing. Especially when two were in infant car seats. Plus they loved getting to see the girls.

Diane N 1 like

Do you have a drive thru dairy by you?? Or what about ordering online? I have a 2 year old and 5 year old too.. I do the same day delivery either from Costco or Target. And it's Been a big help.

Tiffany 0 likes

Diane N right now Delivery is very limited in my area. It's Being reserved for Elderly And those who are immunocompromised. Grocery pick up dates have been filled for The next seven days. Oh how I wish things were normal again.

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