-please no judgement, disagree, keep scrolling- Any moms start their LO's on "solids" (rice, oatmeal, baby food) sooner than the recommended 5-6 months? DD is just not satisfied with milk anymore, the amount she drinks to get full is ridiculous.

K M 1 like

Ik some that have done cereal at 4

Sara S 1 like

There's no harm if they are showing interest. My doctor recommended it for my LO but said give her milk first and food if she's still hungry. You still want your LO taking in the fat and calories from the milk of course.

Sara M 2 likes

I was wondering the same. Mine will be 4 months old next week. He's already the size of a 6 month old. 18 pounds! He hasn't been as satisfied with his formula lately, either.

Danie M 1 like

My pediatrician gave us the all clear for rice and oatmeal cereal at 4 months so we started it at 4.5 months

Cait S 2 likes

It depends on how old your baby is and I would definitely stick with only rice cereal mixed with formula to be really thin and talk to your pediatrician. Introducing foods too early can trigger allergies so be very careful what you start feeding.

AE M 1 like

My doc said u can start cereal at 4 mos

Ty L 1 like

I did...and he is just fine lol. I wanna say about 2 months I started adding rice cereal to his bottle. I expressed my concerns to his doctor about him drinking too much and she let me know it was fine.

Kristen 1 like

I started baby food at 4 months with both of mine. Pediatrician said it was ok to start then!!

Chelsea A 1 like

You can start solids at 4 months, I did! My sons first food was avocado. I skipped the rice cereal bc It has no nutritional value

Amber W 1 like

If they aren't getting full or staying full, I don't see why not.

Katie B 2 likes

I started cereal mixed with apples at 4 months. Milk just wasn't cutting it anymore. Now at 5 months he eats pears and green beans too.

Rebecca G 1 like

I started my daughter on cereal around 3-4 months mixed in her milk bottle. I think we started with 1 tablespoon

Sarah B 1 like

My pediatrician gave us the okay for cereal and oatmeal at 4-mo. My LO hated both so I jumped straight to purees...sweet potatoes first and she loves veggies and fruits. Just follow guidelines for which to introduce and when...as well as do the 3-4 day rule of only one food and you'll be fine...you know your baby best so do what you feel is right

Stephanie M 1 like

I started mine at 2.5 months with alittle cereal and now he is 3 months im starting spoon feed cereal and alittle baby food my baby was not satisfied at all and the doc kept telling me to only feed him 4oz a bottle so i said screw doc im his mom I know in my gut whats best

Savannah L 3 likes

My doctor recommended 8 months but I couldn't take it anymore. She's just over four months and loves big girl food.

Carrie H 1 like

All the sites I've read say 4 months or as soon as they can lift their heads up.

Austin S 1 like

My son started having cereal at 2.5 months. I honestly haven't seen any difference in how long it keeps him full though

A V 1 like

I started my 3 boys on baby cereal at 4 months old. I spoon fed it to them.

Jessica B 1 like

I started my daughter on baby foods mixed with cereal at 4 months her pediatrician said it was okay, but I would only do it once a day and I would wait 3 days to food her anything else or different to see if she had a reaction to certain things. You can def try the rice cereal in the bottle and see if that keeps baby fuller longer

Denise H 1 like

You can start them as soon as 4 months with baby cereal especially if they seem to be more advance in their developmental stage. Like propping their head and sitting or like grasping items. I would recommend grain cereal and one item a week to try. You want to be aware of their allergies if they do develop some. I introduced cereal to all my kids at 4 months

Katrina M 1 like

My daughter is 6 months old and I started a single-grain GMO free oatmea cereal at 4 months. I slowly started adding stage 1 safe veggies and fruits and just made sure to feed the same veggie or fruit 2 days in a row to observe for allergy symptoms. Good luck! And don't push the issue if they aren't interested at first....just keep "playing" with food :)

Melanie L 1 like

Mine was the same way but had problems moving it to the back of his mouth. Every weekend I tried until he got it. Baby food is yummy for them. Mine wasn't a fan of cereals so I started with fruits and had no problems introducing veggies and proteins like meats

Erika C 0 likes

Thank you all. She's 3.5 months so she seems to be right on Que. She holds her own head extremely well, and sits perfectly with a little support. Looks like we will be experimenting with new foods soon :)

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