Please help me.... We have been trying to transition our Lo from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. She not really taking it... I tried all kinds of bottles such as avent, ttomme and lasinosh. She's been crying since 3 pm pacific time and my so is doing the cry it out method, he's even saying, she has to learn today....I feel so bad. I feel like he's being hard on her......I feel like it's my fault not training her ahead of time... I'm going back to work on Monday! Please advice my babay is 5 mos.

Shireen G 0 likes

Aww my LO was same but when he Turned 5 months old he automatically took bottle / avent. I tried a lot and he used to cry all the time then we stopped and all of sudden when I was feeding him rice cereal n I gave him bottle n he took it. So give him Some time .

Katie P 1 like

So what worked for us to get our LO to take a bottle was pushing her cheeks towards the nipple. Not hard, just sort of up and in from her jawline. They may fight it at first :( before that I couldn't get ours to take a bottle and her tongue seemed to always be flopping around... I tried three types

Jules L 1 like

My son loves born free bottles you can try those or even dr.browns were good too but a pain to clean!

k b 3 likes

try Dr. Browns bottles

Tabby M 1 like

This takes time. I've weened 3 babies. Sometimes it helps if someone other than you who is patient works with the baby. It's better if your not home because your Lo can smell you believe it or not. Remember tho it's a big thing for your LO to switch. Slow and steady must be the trail. I bought a million bottles. They matter too. Look for ones that look like you. That sound silly but that's what I did.

Cassandra K 2 likes

I was always going to do a combo of both from the start.

Tabby M 1 like

It will be okay!! ️️HUGS!! Keep us posted!! I know it's hard!!

K W 1 like

Try touching the nipple to the top of his mouth on the sift palette. That's what I had to do to get Emma to take a bottle. Worked every time.

Elizabeth 1 like

Try the munchkin latch bottle! We've been using this and my son doesn't have a problem going back and forth.

Mommy B 1 like

Soothe her! Babies need love. She misses you. Just give her the bottle. She will eventually take it.

Ann S 1 like

Try munchkin latch bottles. Worked best for me when I transitioned

Carissa W 1 like

Try different bottle/nipple combos, we use Avent with the natural nipple, my son did great. Even if yours doesn't, all babies are different and remember it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you as a parent. Keep up the hard work momma!

Jennifer R 1 like

Feed her before she's hungry so she doesn't get frustrated

Tristan M 1 like

Try the playtex bottles with drop ins the have the nipples that are more shape like the actual Brest nipple. That might help

Tiff F 2 likes

May sound crazy but I rubbed my nipple on bottle nipple and squeezed milk onto in so it would have somewhat of a familiar smell/taste, LO took bottle no problem, don't know if it actually helped, I just really needed it to work too, was willing to try anything!

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