Phantom kicks after pregnancy! Anyone feel these before? At first I swore it was gas but it's only where my uterus is. So weird!

Maddie 2 likes

I get those and my son is 6 mo, it Just makes me want another baby!

Cristina C 1 like

Yep! Have them all the time. Doctor said they can be gas or stomach ligaments going back into place.

Traci U 1 like

Nooo I hate the feeling of kicking šŸ˜’ please tell me I don't have to feel this!

Mama Of M*** and A*** 2 likes

I do! 8 mos pp:)))

Ashley R 1 like

I felt it to! Haha it's crazy.

Anitra M 1 like

I still had them after my son was born and now I am pregnant again and I swear I feel kicks but I am only 14 weeks. So I don't think it's possible.

Jaxons M 1 like

I do! It's so weird to feel lol

Theresa B 1 like

I still think I feel them but I know nothing is there. I'm 3 months pp. makes me feel better I'm not the only one, I thought I was going crazy.

Kestin M 1 like

I still have them and my son is 2!

Monica M 1 like

I still had them when my first was around 2 ... It's just our uterus still getting back to normal... Weird!

Mommy To A Beautiful Princess 1 like

Omg I thought I was the only one.. Good to know I'm not going crazy lol

Makena H 0 likes

Wow! So glad I wasn't alone or going crazy haha! It makes me want another baby. It feels like the beginning of my pregnancy when I first started feeling movement. It was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing mommas.

Josie C 1 like

I'm the same way

Destiny G 1 like

I thought I was pregnant again lol my little ones 13 weeks glad I'm not the only one

Launa A 1 like

It's a thing?! I was always telling my bf I could of sworn I felt kicks after I had my son up until he was about 10 months. I always wanting to take a pregnancy test because I also wasn't having a period. Then they just stopped lol

mother C 1 like

Me too and I had my baby 7 months ego

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