Packing tips for the most organized move possible ... will be packing mostly everything myself while my SO focuses on throwing out and moving bulky items between work.

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First get rid of anything you don't want to make to the new house. That's what I did, and we got rid of a lot of furniture too. We wanted to start fresh.

Ash B 2 likes

I agree with purging your things before your move! Ive also packed up one room at a time leaving the critical items out until the last minute. Id also get lots of boxes, paper to wrap breakable items and then label your boxes!

Kristin B 3 likes

I had color coded labels for each room in the new house. It was the best!!! I even wrote on some of them so I would remember what was in each box so if I went looking for something I knew exactly where it was.

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For clothes on hangers instead of taking them off and boxing rip a hole in the bottom of a black trash bag. Grab handful usually 10-12pieces depending on weight and put top of hangers in the hole. Hang back on rod and pull the bag down to cover clothes and tie the end. Easy to transport clothes stay clean and on Hangers. New place just hang group on rod and rip trash bag off done! Only takes 30 mins to do all clothes and 5 to unpack them.

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My favorite hack that a friend showed me years ago. For multiple people just add a paper name tag to each group

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I wrote what was in every box and colour coded for which room it would go in. I wrote the room on the top and side of each box. Also, make sure when unpacking that someone is in the new house to direct everyone to where each box goes. One move, the friends that helped us put EVERY box in the livingroom! I got there after the move was done and I was so mad! I couldn't find anything even though boxes were clearly labeled because I had to climb over everything to find whatever box I needed!

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Label boxes well. Make an “open first” box that will be unloaded from the truck first and put somewhere easy for you to get it. Put all your immediate needs in it. Wardrobe boxes for clothes so they can stay hanging.

Ashley M 1 like

Color coded stickers. One color for each room of the new house. Tag every single box by room and unload directly from the truck to the room the box belongs in. You can even put the corresponding colored sticker on the door frames of the rooms of the new house so if people are helping you they know where to put things.

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Thank you everyone. Not to mention I'm almost 24 wks preggo and just not into it 😩😩😩😩😩 I don’t even know where to begin

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