Our ten nets last month is this month, her check bounced twice this month and one previous time. I told my husband we should keep from her security, plus we should keep any fees from her security also. It's in our lease that we will. Her bounced check is going to cause our mortgage payment to bounce also. Do we keep that fee also. The first time we took on all the fees ourself since she was unable to be contacted at the time.

Out N 1 like

Let me add I'm so glad we are done freaking renting. I get people struggle with money but more then once a month is rediculous. And she wants her money back ASAP but I know for a fact she trashed stuff too

Jessica D 2 likes

You should keep whatever money she owns you.

Nikki M 2 likes

Keep the money and take her to court if you have too. Next time don't accept personal checks. Only do money orders. Our landlord only accepts money orders.

Out N 1 like

Nikki M there won't be a next time. I'm so sick of renting to people we are taking the space as our own. It will be my “classroom”

Christie M 2 likes

You need to ask someone who has knowledgement in that area. I thought the security deposit is different for damages. Be careful with things like that. They might be able to fight you on that one and win. I know when our tenants didn’t pay we weren't allowed to touch that. I'd really ask.

Kailey M 1 like

Yeaaa no security deposit for her and eviction time

Out N 0 likes

Christie Marie security can be used as last months rent here. When signing the lease she paid first, last and 1/2 a month worth. The last month can either go to last month or be returned to her as a security

Kristin B 1 like

Your lease should state how long you have to refund the $$. If you won't be returning the deposit you need an itemized list of what was deducted. Normal wear and tear along with cleaning isn't an allowable deduction unless states otherwise in the lease.

Kat E 1 like

As long as the law allows you to keep it, then I would keep it. But make sure you have proof of what you're keeping it for in case she decides to try and get it from you. Or tell her if she wants it back she can pay cash for everything she owes you because the cheque's are bouncing. I do know that here it doesn't matter what the lease says, we can't take a damage deposit. The only money we can take other than monthly payments is last months rent and it can only be applied to last months rent

Out N 0 likes

Kristin B thanks, we are keeping it for her last month rent and bounced check fees since her check keeps bouncing. Her security is $900 and she owed $700 for last month rent plus $75 in fees. The other things are stuff she knows she damaged like the countertop she burned, and the carpet she flooded ect

Kristin B 1 like

Yes just make sure to give an itemized list for dedictuons just in case it does get escalated. I had some issues in the past with some crazy people!! We just sold our rental bc we were so over it. Not with the hassle for us. Good luck.

Out N 0 likes

Kristin B lol our last one was the worst and I can't even fully blame her. she used her security as last month rent and that would of been fine if the place wasn't left trashed. And the person who moved her out let his kids pee all over the place. It was so disgusting I'm so happy this is the last one

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