Our 3 year old just caught my husband and I! He didn't seem too concerned or curious - we just told him mom and dad were hugging - should we have said anything else? Do 3 year olds understand more than I think?

Out N 5 likes

Nope they don't understand it till older

JVP 3 likes

I think you are fine. Lol.

Jessica D 2 likes

They don't understand.

Amanda O 2 likes

Not looking forward to when this happens!! I think your okay!

Christie M 1 like

My son did too when he was 3 he actually never said anything or asked. Lol it was early in the morning and he walked in on his tablet and then walked back out lol they dont understand that much at that age

Sarah L 1 like

Christie M that's hilarious!

Thalias Mommy 2 likes

your fine they have no clue st that age lol

Elli B 1 like

I am so scared of getting caught!! Lol

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