Organized working moms I need help. I am a mom of a 3 yr old & 11 month old. I leave for work by 6:30am so I need to shower at night. We get home at 5:30 & it is hard to cook a quick well balanced meal, bath kids, do bedtimes, laundry, clean up...and much more before we need to go to bed. Does anyone have a good routine to get meals prepped, keep the house in order, give the kids QT & get to bed before midnight we have a 3rd baby on the way so I feel like we need to get a schedule ASAP!!

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Crock pot !!

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I have a 16th mo old & another one due in 3 wks. My hubby & I get home at 5:30 & we tag team. I have GB which sucks cause I have to eat at every 2 hrs. I feed LO when we get home, hubby cooks, then I'll eat & he'll play w/ her. Then I will give her a bathrm while he eats. Then he comes & cleans up the mess in the bath while I dress her & sing songs. He makes her bottle then I go snack & wash dishes. He reads to her & gets her to brush her teeth. I come back & we hang out w/ her till she sleeps.

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Yes crock pot helps and I also have a schedule with myself I do two loads of laundry a day and fill up dishwasher before bed!! Pick kids clothes before sleeping, and have everyone bathed at night! I have 6 yr old, 5 yr old, and 8 mo. Old. My kids are use to our schedule. Wake up brush teeth get dressed make beds and we are off! Come home do homework eat dinner bath time and sleep.

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*give her a bath

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God bless you. I'm still attempting to figure out how to shower with one child that is one month old.... Haven't even gone back to school or work yet! And we have had people bringing us food!!! I am tired just reading your post...

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Teresa is right crockpot is a good way. Also try preparing meals on your days off and store in freezer. That would cut time down tremendously. It doesn't have to be all week but prepare for atleast 3 days out the week. Also have the kids take baths as soon as you get home. You could also read to them while their in the tub 😁... So at bed time it's just hugs and kisses and goodnight! Hope that's helpful.

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I do my laundry on the weekend with the exception of a load of kids clothes during the week. I make my dd who is 3 pick up her toys up too

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Have some friends over on the weekend and do community meal prep for the week. I did it when my first two were younger

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I do Laundry on Saturdays. Pick up when kiddo goes to bed in the evening. And live by my crockpot. Pinterest has thousands of crockpot recipes to get you started then eventually you will just start using it and making your own. Put everything in it in the morning come home to dinner ready. Gives me time to get some things cleaned up before starting nighttime routine.

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Crock pot!!!

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Do you have a husband or bf or help? Sounds like me when I was pregnant with my second. I did everything.

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Yes me and my hubby run ragged until bedtime which makes me think there has to be a more efficient way... I like the crockpot idea I am going to start that on Monday!!

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