My 3 month old has an oral fixation (see the pic which is her sucking her thumb within 5 mins after delivery). She's been waking up often and wanting her paci. She cries, I put the paci in and she immediately closes her eyes and falls back asleep. 20 minutes later and she loses the paci and cries. I can't leave her hands out of the swaddle bcuz she's wakes herself up. I've tried comforting her without the paci but nothing works. Any suggestions until she can grab it herself?

Danie M 1 like

Does she use a soothie pacifier? If so try a wubbanub, might help keep it in her mouth longer

Tara B 2 likes

Why can't you leave her arm out? She might be able to find her thumb. I guided my Lo hand there for a few days and now he does it himself.

R S 2 likes

Use the paci and not the hands. My cousin sucked the thumb until she was 8 years old and had trrrible problems even an arch in her mouth My ped said the paci can fly away in a balloon any time but your hand cant

Dana 1 like

She uses a Mam pacifier but maybe I'll see if I can switch her to a different kind. I've tried to leave one arm out and both arms but she seems like she's gets frustrated because she can't quite get them in her mouth the way she wants. So she ends up keeping herself up trying to mess with her hands.

Danie M 1 like

The kind with the animal attached to it helped my son.. Soothie is on the wubbanub and I think gum drop pacis are on walmarts version of it

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