Opinions on getting babies ears pierced?

Charo C 0 likes

We did it after the four months shots

Lynn R 0 likes

I had my first daughters done at 2 and she hated it so we had my second daughters done at a few months old. It was easier.

Crystal B 3 likes

Don't! It looks a little trashy to have a shiny thing on something so precious. Wait till they can make the decision for themselves. They might not like pierced ears.

Kaylee D 1 like

My cousin in-law pierced her baby's ears very young and it seemed cruel almost.. She even video taped it??

Alexandria M 3 likes

I thought about it but I think I'll let her make her own decision when she's older. I can't stand to see my baby in pain even if it's for a couple of seconds

Breni R 0 likes

I did my daughters after she got her shots.

Paula R 0 likes

I did my daughter ears at 21/2 months it hurt like a mofo I cried I'm not gonna lie but she looks so beautiful and I don't have to worry about ppl saying he is so cute when is a she .. Like ppl seriously ask if is a she or a he before u say anything

Sarah R 0 likes

Did it at 4 months and then she kept pulling and pulling and I got sick of her hurting herself and losing earrings. I took them out and then she chose to have them pierced again for her 6th birthday.

Fab M 0 likes

I did my littles girls at 12 weeks, just make sure you do them at a professional place and keep them clean and do what the dr or whatever says!!

Carlee C 0 likes

I did my little girls at 8 weeks. They were way easier to keep clean when they don't touch them

Jennifer L 0 likes

I did my children at 4 months I think if your planning on doing them it's better to do them young so it's like another part of them it's normal they don't notice them rather when there older they'll know there's a difference and play or pull on them

Teresita A 2 likes

I did my baby's at three months. I did it with her pediatrician because they numb the ears for no pain. ๐Ÿ˜

Kim G 0 likes

Did my first at a year..I will likely do my youngest younger (6months maybe) bc at one my daughter kept touching them and cleaning them as much as you need to at the beginning was difficult with a one year old

Alice W 0 likes

I did my LO at 2 months. Healing was easy and she still doesn't know it's there at 6 months

Fergie B 1 like

My stand on this is it's your kids and as long as it's not going to cause a medical problem do what you want. People (most of the time other family members) need to learn how to mind their own business. :)

Logan's M 4 likes

I'd recommend waiting until she's old enough to make the decision herself. There's no need to rush.

JL C 0 likes

My baby got hers at the doctors office when she went for 2 months check up. She cried when it was done n that was it. It's easier to take care when they can't touch it

Rachel P 0 likes

I had my first daughters ears pierced at 11 wks and she did great. Cried for a minute and then forgot what happened. Was super easy to keep clean and she never touched them...Until now. She is 20 mths and won't leave them alone. Has lost several pair-even the screw on back type. They are getting infected - I don't understand why they'd be open to even get infected since they healed up long ago unless her messing with them opened them back up. I'm tempted to just take them out and leave them out.

Tatjana A 4 likes

I waited until my eldest daughter could make the decision on her own and tell me she wanted them and knowing what to expect. It was around 6yrs.

Heather S 0 likes

I plan on doing my daughters, I have twins so it's more to identify who is who rather then a fashion statement.

Cee B 0 likes

I've noticed it is a HUGE cultural thing in Miami where my LO was born. All the sweet Latin nurses kept asking us at the doctors office to do it and I kept saying no. Now that we live in Houston, the doc office says there really isn't a huge demand there. I'm annoyed when people keep coming up to my baby and saying "oh cute lil guy"...even when I have her in all pink. I don't think it looks trashy at all if the stud is small and not bling bling.

Jessica W 4 likes

I personally won't do it until my LO is old enough to know it will hurt and she still wants to do it

Ashley H 0 likes

Had my daughters done after 6 months check. Some people do them earlier some later. Depends on when you're comfortable.

J S 1 like

Opinion? Nope. Seems like a person should be able to choose this for themselves.

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