On Monday I'm getting induced! Looks like our baby girl is going to be coming a week early, just in time for Christmas! 😍 So I just had a question, I plan on BF. And I know it's VERY important to eat well, also-like every woman I'm sure. I would like to lose the baby weight. I gained 65lbs this pregnancy, so I know it'll take time to lose that. But I just want to know what quick, healthy, snacks/meals you ladies ate while BF? I'm sure the first few weeks I won't have time/energy to cook!!

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Premade pasta and dishes that you can just freeze and heat up

Katy M 1 like

I've heard there's foods you shouldn't eat, should eat. I plan on going grocery shopping Sunday, so when I get home from the hospital I won't need to worry about getting food!

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Try cutting up veggies that you can throw in ziploc bags. If you're on the go somewhere, just grab a bag and you're prepared. Avoid broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage. Those will upset your little ones tummy. Keep handy a water bottle and have it ready for when you're about to feed. You'll get super dry and thirsty while feeding!

Dorci R 2 likes

They say you shouldn't eat any spicy foods while you BF it gives baby gas and make them fussy. I ate a lot of fruit and drank a lot of water.

Dorci R 1 like

I wore a band around my stomach a "postpartum band" I believe that's what it's called it helps me lose my stomach within 2 weeks. And BF helps makes you lose weight too so you have a little help there :)

Maria Y 2 likes

Oatmeal is good to increase milk supply and it's healthy. Add some cut up fruits and you have a very healthy breakfast

Estefanny L 1 like

I think I ate everything I could find lol I Bf only and I felt hungry all the time and got cravings (which I didn't get while pregnant)

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Drink tons of water!!!!! It'll come right off :)

Amber V 2 likes

Instant oatmeal with fruit is good for breakfast. I also liked carrot sticks with dressing for snacks and grapes... Lots of water! Water makes more milk... U can put lemon or cucumber mint for flavor helps when u have to drink so much! For dinners easy already made things from Costco that I could pop in the oven were a life saver!

Coryn P 2 likes

Veggies!! Lots of oatmeal (that also helps keep your supply up). Fruits. Beans and nuts. Just be careful with beans cuz it could make the baby gassy. Also, my daughter's bday is Monday!

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Oatmeal helps with milk supply. I usually eat it every morning. I have been EBF and my LO is 4 1/2 months. Good luck! It's hard and painful but don't give up. It gets better.

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A tip for the inducing, ask them to start you on the absolute lowest pitocin setting. And Don't get bullied into getting an epidural at the very beginning, all you'll want to do is walk around! My doc put me on the highest level of pitocin and my sons heart stopped. Then because of the epidural, I couldn't move easily into the positions needed. Make a plan and stick to it!

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I lived off of fruits, veggies, and Clif bars! Yay so exciting!

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Be careful with dairy. Eggs and Greek yogurt are good for keeping protein up. Guacamole is a great healthy fat. Breastfeeding burns calories so don't worry too much about dieting-just eat well and be active because you want to make sure to keep your supply up

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I had to be induced with both of my babies. I waited for 21 hours for the epidural with my son. It was absolutely terrible....HORRIBLE! You're being induced, your body is going to be thrown into labor and theirs absolutely nothing "natural" about it. Once I started feeling the contractions regularly with my second, I got the epidural and it was such a better experience! Wishing you much luck. You're going to do great, trust your body and your doctor! :)

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Green smoothies! You can make enough for A few days at a time. A few handfuls of spinach, 1 C greek yogurt, a splash of juice, a few cups of your favorite frozen fruit (mine in mango!). Blend and add water to get desired consistency. I also eat old-fashioned oatmeal most days and cheese & crackers, hummus & veggies, and tons of water!

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Just wanted to say... With breastfeeding and everything I weighted 155 last day of pregnancy and TWO WEEKS afterwards I was down to 120 the skinniest I have ever been in my life even since childhood (obesity runs high in the fam)!!!! So breastfeed, eat right and exercise and you'll get back in shape quicky :$ anyway look up in Google.com healthy meal plans or super foods. Alvocaldo and salmon are power foods that burn fat and encourage weight loss. Good luck

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So is induction safe then? I mean obviously it is, if they do inductions. But, I figured it would just jump start labor. I never really thought of it to be not natural. My baby girl is 8lbs already. So, my doctor wants to get her out a week early cause she's crushing me basically. And I have acute scoliosis in my right hip. But, I'm not dialed at all. If I were to get induced and my body's not ready for labor, could I be in labor for a long time?!

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I had preeclampsia and that's why I was induced the first time. I was blown up in Afghanistan and have 4 screws and 8 pins holding a fused vertebra in place in my lower back. I understand your pain! :) Being induced is jump starting labor of course. It's not always a nice, happy transition. Some natural birth can last days from dilation to delivery. Yours will be in a matter of hours. Think about that & prepare yourself. Once the pitocin starts you're not leaving without a baby! :)

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