Omg I'm losing it šŸ˜¢ my baby is 6 days old and just won't sleep I feed him change him burp him . But no he just does not want to sleep . What should I do all he does is cry at bed time

Roro L 0 likes

Is he take a long nap during the day ?

Olivia C 0 likes

Some times

Baby M 1 like

Wake during the day

Debra C 1 like

Try keeping up a bit more during the day, will make LO more tired for night

Ruth A 2 likes

It might be gas have you try gripe water?

Roro L 1 like

That is why wake your baby up to be ready to sleep at night

Jessica L 0 likes

Try: Hylands (holistic) colic drops if he is fussy due to gas or like other mommies said, keep him up a bit more during the day

Flower U 1 like

Its normal for him not to sleep at night, you should sleep at day time when he is sleeping so you are ready on night time. After 2 mths he will start to sleep more at nigh. And as he gets older his sleep hours will change. Just be patient! Its okay!! We been thru that too!!

Olivia C 1 like

Ima try and keep him up a lil more before bed it's just hard he's just stubborn lol

Judy V 0 likes

Swaddle him

Marianne M 4 likes

He's probably overtired. At 6 days old, your baby doesn't have a bedtime. Try to feed him, change him and get him right back to sleep. He needs about 18-20 hours of sleep a day, so it's basically around the clock. It might help to try kangaroo time after feeding (skin to skin), swaddle, music or white noise to get him back to sleep. Lights on during the day is ok, so LO can learn day from night, but limit too much stimulation and interaction. Hang in there, momma and congrats on your LO!

Lauren M 0 likes

Try keeping him awake as much as possible during the day and limit nap times. He doesn't have a set bed time yet, he's probably still used to being in the womb. Have patience it'll get better. Good luck :)

Ruth A 1 like

YouTube my baby got colic (white noise) it will help šŸ˜Œ

L F 4 likes

I've read it isn't a good idea to try and keep a baby up at this age - 6 days? They need about 20 hours of sleep a day. Best thing is for mommy to try and sleep when the LO does. The first 6-8 weeks are tough mommy but hang in there! It gets better!

Rola W 2 likes

It's normal new baby don't sleep at night u can't do nothing for it till he's 4 months

Mommy To L 2 likes

Happens sadly sleep when baby sleeps or you'll lose ur mind

Baby Girl ā 4 likes

A baby at six months is impossible to give a training schedule for sleep. Keeping them awake during the day is not gonna do anything for you because a newborn gets overstimulated and just won't sleep anyway. Swaddling changed my life once I discovered it. Get a swaddle me blankets I keep them nice and snug and warm it should help. Definitely the white noise I keep a fan on a night when my LO is sleeping. eventually you'll start to work out. Hang in there!

Car P 2 likes

Buy a sling or wrap, put him in it and walk him till he falls asleep.

Melissa G 0 likes

Six days old is far too young to try and keep him up during the day to help him sleep at night. I couldn't figure out why my son wouldn't sleep long either, but then I tried the Swaddle Me and it worked like a charm! As hard as it is, at 6 days, you're on their schedule. It gets better, even around 2-3 weeks!

MommyOfTwo 4 likes

Don't try to keep him up during the day he doesn't know any better he's barely adjusting to the outside world. I went through this 2 months ago and it was so tough. I also have my 3 yr old so napping during the day was very hard. Luckily my mom and hubby helped a little. If you can try napping during the day. Not sure if you already do, but co-sleeping will also help. I used to put him on my chest and he would sleep better. By week 4 he was doing a little better. Now at week 13 he sleeps 4-5 hrs

MommyOfTwo 1 like

At a time. I also used Pandora - Soundscapes and lullabies radio to also help me fall asleep a little better. Good luck! I promise it will get better. Get as much help as possible from friends and family. šŸ˜Š

Mommy O 1 like

Keep him up during the day. Or try to put him in a swing.

A V 3 likes

Please don't force him to stay awake during the day. He's only 6 days old. I agree with other moms on here. Try white noise, swaddling, skin to skin, rocking him and try to sleep when he sleeps. Don't be afraid to ask for help. A 6 day old is not going to sleep through the night. He's also not going to sleep when you want him to. He's on his own schedule for a few months.

Isabella's Momma 2 likes

Don't keep him up during the day and don't wake him up its really not good for a baby that young :( he will change his sleeping pattern as the days go on. Maybe he has gas or reflux ask ur doctor about possible signs of this

Mommy O 2 likes

Also may be colic if she is on formula try a different milk like soy formula.

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