Omg im always coming here for advice Lol. So here is my question, we just bought a house in a very calm chill neighborhood. Our neighbors from both sides don't have little ones. They do have dogs but seem to be indoor dogs we have 2 dogs also both puppies they are indoor and outdoor dogs, both lab a choc and a black one.Our choc girl is a barker she loves to bark she will bark over everything. So one of our neighbors Came over yesterday Saying how it's Beginning To become a problem. Mind you-

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All from the min that we got the puppies and they saw something that they didnt like they would come over and say something. Our dogs are fed every day 3-4times. Aside from that every time we have done some sort of housework that's outside they are always making some sort of comment and they have always On the negative Side. What would you all do?

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Tell them to mind their own business. I have a neighbor who lets her dog walk up to my front flower garden and pee all over the rock work. Which was expensive btw. Caught her letting it happen and told her if she did it again I'd call the cops. Distraction Of property.

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Id leave ear plugs in their mailbox. as long as ur dog aint barking past 8pm and earlier than 7 am. i dont see an issue

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That's right, tell her to mind her own business if the dog isnt barking early in the am or late at night. Check your county for noise ordinance to find out what the actual times are. Only then she can complain.

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