Okay so this is a big problem to me. My son is about 15 months old. But he soaks my bed every night. I've literally tried going up sizes on diapers. I've reached the max. I tried waking up in the middle of night to change him and that doesn't work. I don't get it. Any suggestions ?

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Cut off his drinking time at night.

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Make sure his penis is down in the diaper. And I used a water proof Mat I took from thr hospital From my c section So it doesn’t affect that matress at all and I can throw it in the washer. Maybe they have something Similar online

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Find out of the diaper is soaking through from too much pee or if he's peeing to the side of the diaper. If the diaper is not full and it's just leaking, Like mentioned above, adjust the penis to face down. If he's filling the diaper fully, line the diaper with a maxi pad and then double the diaper.

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