Okay so sorry if this post is TMI but I have a serious question. My baby is 4 days old and after talking to my SO and family I'm going to try breast feeding her. I watched TONS of videos and read a lot. In all of the videos though the women's nipples are huge and mine are so tiny. Will it be hard for her to latch on, will they get bigger when I feed, I'm so worried I won't be able to do it because there small. Any advice would be amazing mommies please help. 😰😰

Danie M 2 likes

I think they're only big because they breast feed.. My sisters were really small before she started

Faith A 1 like

If you have to use a shield. It helps with latching on

Jennifer B 0 likes

Faith a shield??

Samantha C 1 like

^^^ yes a nipple shield can help you shape your nipple so it's more outward and makes it easier for baby to latch.. You can get ones that have little holes to wear while they're eating too

Mom Of 5 1 like

Jennifer. They make something called a breast shield to help with latching on.

C B 4 likes

I don't think mine are big. We are 10 months and going strong. But just remember that it's hurts really bad at first. It won't last too long though. You can do it!

Christina B 1 like

My nipples have become extended due to bf. It is a learning curve for both of u but as long as u have milk don't give up. At first my son wouldn't latch but I pumped and put in bottle and kept trying. Now it's like second nature for us. Ten months and going strong!

Mama Of Princess 1 like

I have small nipples it took a while to get a good latch but 6 months going strong!

Emy G 2 likes

Try it first. Nipples take their shape when breastfeeding. You can try to find a lactation consultant If you need someone to give you advices πŸ˜‰

Boy M 1 like

I used a nipple shield as well and that really helped. My son is now 4.5 months old and still uses one. I have tried to get him off of it but he won't eat without it. I suggest trying a shield and if that doesn't work contact a lactation consultant and they can help you. πŸ˜ƒ Good luck momma!!

Jennifer B 0 likes

I'm gonna try it first and if she has a really rough time then look into getting a shield. Thanks everyone.

Mommy O 3 likes

They swell up. And it won't be comfortable in the beginning but it does get easier

Chrissy G 1 like

Are you talking about the nipple being small compared to the women in the videos OR the areola? Because areola size varies from woman to woman and shouldn't affect breast feeding at all. After baby has been suckling for a little bit your nipple will kind of "stretch" in length from the pressure of the suck.

Kathy I 2 likes

Mine are now way more 'alert' all the time. I am going to make sure my swimsuit has extra padding to keep my nips in control. πŸ˜…

Autumn B 2 likes

They'll get bigger and elongate once you start. Mine were the same way. Huge boobs little nipples. Now they're longer and they get bigger when she latches on. Don't be afraid to sort of stuff your boob in LO mouth when getting her to latch. Lol and you should stimulate them a little the first few times to get them to perk up. After a bit they'll do it in their own.

Kassandra B 1 like

Mine are small as well, I thought the same thing but my LO latched with out a problem I couldn't BF him till he was 2 days old, I had another surgery, and when I tried, it was so cute his little nose moving around and almost grunting like a pig, then latched on and away he went, and my nipples are still the same as they were before and I BF till he was 15 months old

Jennifer B 1 like

No my areoles are huge. My nipple is small. And the girls in the videos look like there's is an inch long. πŸ™ˆ

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