Okay so my mom and my boyfriends mom both want to start planning my baby shower. Is it a weird request that I DONT want to open the gifts at the shower? I think it's kinda rude and show off-y. Opinions?

Maryah T 4 likes

The guests that bring gifts want to see that you're happy with what they got for you and the baby not just by words on a card. If they were going to be judgmental on what you get they wouldn't have gotten anything, let alone come to the shower.

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Aprilbaby 5 likes

Honestly I think it's rude not to. Most people want to see you open what they spent their money and time on for you.

Danie M 5 likes

I went to a huge baby shower where the girl didn't want to either so she told everyone not to wrap the gifts and just put it on the table so she can look at them instead.. Every single person wrapped their gifts lol I hated the spotlight opening gifts in front of everyone too but you should probably just bite the bullet and open them there, people want to see what you got and want to see appreciation for what they bought

Ashley S 6 likes

I had a display table so I didn't have to open any gifts. My mom and sister wrote on the invitation, " Please bring any gifts unwrapped so we can place them on the display table" it's actually the best thing ever because 1. You don't have to open, 2. You save more time for talking/games, and 3. Everyone gets to see what you got!

Genny H 3 likes

I was the same way but at the end I did open on of them! Man oh man did it take forever. My shower was a co-ed shower and I had my SO open gifts with me at the same time!!!

Ashley J 0 likes

If you don't want to open them, you can ask for guests to wrap gifts in clear cellophane so that everyone can see the gifts on the display table! I went to a baby shower like that! I understand you not wanting to! My baby shower was long, and it took me like 2 hours to open all the gifts

Kristen G 4 likes

You do what you want at your shower. Keep in mind that it's not showy. I love that part of the shower, personally, but as they mom to be you get to make that decision:)

Hannah H 1 like

The guests want to see you open the gifts. They want to see what all you are getting. It's really not that bad and too be honest only about 4 people are really paying attention, most everyone else it talking about random things. So the spotlight is only from a few people. Just appreciate that they want to throw you a shower and that people are getting you gifts, every little bit helps

Shelby P 1 like

Not rude. Do an open house shower. People come and go. Open gifts if you know the person will want you to! I opted out of a shower and I get gifts periodically which was awesome! Except I didn't get any big gifts. I still send detailed thank you cards though.

Jenny K 2 likes

My friend had a gender reveal shower and stated on the invitation to not wrap the gifts. That they would be displayed on a table so that she could spend the time socializing instead of opening gifts. It was a great idea and nobody missed the gift opening because we were too busy socializing. This way people can still see what everyone brought. I thought it was a great idea. I really enjoy the gift opening but I know some people don't, especially if it's a big shower.

Rachel B 1 like

I think most people love watching the mama to be open gifts. It's fun to ooh & aah at all the cute baby stuff! But, it's your shower. If you don't feel comfortable opening gifts in front of everyone, I think that's ok too.

Liz J 0 likes

It's usually done, it's expected but it's your shower. I do think it would state it on invitation or let people know somehow. Opening up gifts is really time consuming and all eyes on you...I didn't care for it myself but some people love to look at baby gifts. I think it's way funer for your guests!

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I guess I would be upset bc I make my shower gifts. I spend weeks making crochet baby blankets for the baby to be and most are personalized for instance one of my friends was preggo and named her baby jonah so I made a crochet blanket that had a whale on it. That sucker was time consuming, expensive and frustrating to make. I wanted to see her open it and see her reaction. Even without making it people spend time and money buying gifts j think most want to see the mom open it. I coordinate event

Aprilbaby 1 like

And if your just not wanting the spotlight all on you for a while opening gifts you can spread it out throughout the shower. Everyone gets there open a couple. Everyone eats some open a couple more while people eat. Play a game open a few more. Play another game open a few more. Eat cake open a couple. Breaks it up and isn't as awkward as sit and stare for an hour. It's not showy. Point of a shower is to shower you and baby with love and gifts. Enjoy it.

Samantha F 0 likes

My mom made me, and I didn't want to either. Good luck!

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