Okay so 35 weeks and just got home from my appointment with the doc and he was talking about inducing at 39 weeks possibly since he will be on vacation on my due date.. I know the risks of inducing are that it will mostly lead to c-section and I was planning on all natural and other then induction I should have no problem doing so. How many of you mamas have been induced and had it lead to having a c section??

His M 2 likes

Iv been induced never had c section tho.

Shawna L 1 like

All the people I know who were induced which a good bit none had a c section.

,....... . 1 like

I was induced and has my little one vaginally. I was induced at 8 am and she was born 5:45 p.m . The only bad thing was the medicine made me shake really bad. I almost had to have a c section because she was so big.

Lisa C 0 likes

I was induced with my second and had him all naturally :)

Coryn P 2 likes

My water broke naturally, but they still had to give me pitocin to help start contractions, and that's all inducing is. I had her naturally. It only leads to c section if the baby gets too distressed. If you express your wishes for a natural birth your dr has to respect that. You don't have to get induced if you're okay with another dr delivering your baby.

Denice G 1 like

I was induced at 39 weeks. No c section.

Amanda H 0 likes

I was induced and was in labor for three days they broke my water and I couldn't dilate over a 2 with my end result ending in a c-section

Melanie T 0 likes

I was induced twice before but no c section

Jordan D 0 likes

I was induced and had my baby naturally was only 5 1/2 hrs from the time dr broke my water til I had her.

Lynne L 1 like

You don't need to get induced at 39 weeks of your pregnancy is healthy, and another doctor can deliver for you. C-sections happen when there's concern for baby's life or yours, and there's different ways to induce labor. Some ways are quicker than others- but none of them actually cause need for c-section births.

Amy G 0 likes

My sister in law was induced before her due date, her body was not ready, my nephew got stuck in the birth canal ended up with an emergency c- section and my nephew was in the NICU for a night plus he had a soft lump on his head for mouths. I would not do it. Ask to meet the doctor who will be covering for yours instead and have a birth plan.

Roro L 1 like

Me too I was induced no c section

Jazz H 0 likes

I was not induced, but went into labor naturally at 39 weeks. Was 4cm dilated when got to hospital which seemed promising but everything kind of stopped progressing from there. After a full day in labor, they broke my water and I pushed for 3 hours. Baby still didn't drop far enough so had to have c-section. This all happened last Friday. While I'd do it all over again for my LO, I'd highly recommend NOT doing anything that increases chance of c-section. The recovery is awful.

Erika C 1 like

I was induced at 41 weeks. After 55 hours of labor, my doctor scheduled a c-sec. However 15 mins before surgery I dilated from 3 to 9cm & delivered Vaginally. It was a close call! Doctors generally give you a 72 hr window to dilate & deliver Vaginally after induction if there are no other complications.

Kristen G 1 like

Induced twice and two babies vaginally. Even if you go natural they sometimes still use pitocin to get the contractions regular. Pitocin is the drug to induce labor.

Emily T 0 likes

I was induced for hypertension and had a c-section...but it wasn't from induction! I couldn't get my guy out (and he was a peanut 6lb13oz). Induced or not I would have ended up with a c-section.

Ashley L 0 likes

My sister was induced early with each of her boys because her water broke and labor didn't start. She delivered naturally with both.

Jazz H 4 likes

Plus the dr only comes in to check if the baby's moments from coming. If he/she isn't, he leaves till he's needed. It's the nurses that are with you the whole time and really help. So I'd just wait and get whichever dr is on call when you go into labor naturally, as you'll only see him for like 5 min anyway. Recommending inducing to fit his vacation schedule is just stupid and awful of him anyway.

Mel S 1 like

I was induced at 41 weeks, no c-section. However, if you are only being induced because of your doctors vacation schedule, I would question that. Do they have anyone covering? My doc would not induce me until I was 41 weeks

Mrs H 1 like

I was induced at 40wks and 3days and had my daughter vaginally. The problem comes in when they over medicate and throw the baby into distress. Dont worry youll be fine just dont over due the pain meds. I was only in labor seven hours

G's M 0 likes

I agree with Jasmin. If I were in this situation I'd be so irritated with my doctor that I'd just wait for my baby to be ready for birth and deliver with another doctor. But I also understand if you have a great doctor and would prefer if he was there. Either way I'm sure everything will work out. 😊

Madyson S 1 like

Induced at 39 weeks had him vaginally with only 45 minutes of pushing. Good luck to you!

Bhavana S 2 likes

I was induced due to low fluid at 41 weeks and ended up with a c section. I think the reason you want to get induced is just wrong! Some babies need 40 weeks in the womb. Can you please avoid this? You do not want to regret this if something goes wrong. Also I do want to mention my baby got infected due to the 3 day long induction process he ended up in Nicu for 7 days.

Jilly M 0 likes

Thank you my doctor is counting on me giving birth ahead of schedule anyway due to how things are going and I think he was just throwing the idea out there but I think I rather just try preparing my body naturally. Time to open up the book of tricks to naturally induce my own labor lol

Jessica B 1 like

I was induced and it was amazing. I had a short 4 hour labor and I gave birth vaginally. People think being induced is so bad but it's truly not. Some babies have trouble trying to come out themselves or our bodies do, so I think it's best to help our bodies and our babies. My baby is perfectly healthy. But I loved being induced, and if I have my way, I will be induced with every child.

T C 0 likes

Induced week 38 at 7am then had my LO 7:44pm. No c section

Tee M 1 like

Induced with 1st child and no c section

Isabella M 1 like

I was induced just because I wanted to. I didn't have a complication.

Janae M 0 likes

I was induced at 39weeks ended up getting a c-section!!!

Mom Of 5 1 like

I've been induced 5 times. Once because my water broke but no contractions, once because I was very late & the 3 other times because my husband is out if town a lot. Never had a c section.

Michelle D 0 likes

From a labor and delivery nurse, I see inductions go both ways, and it truly depends on how far dilated and effaced you are to begin with, and how well the babies head is applied to the cervix. If you have a good bishops score, your risk of a cesarean section decreases. I would say if you have hesitations about it, don't do it especially if you aren't dilated and thinned out. I was induced at 39 and 2 and was 3cm 75% and a 0 station and had my baby in 6 hrs w/ no problems. Good luck & congrats!

Kayla 1 like

I was induced in November and didn't have a c-section. I had a couple of issues but it had nothing to do with the induction. Looking back I would do it again. I have a perfect healthy daughter and I'm at 100% (other than the last 15lbs to lose lol).

Alisha J 1 like

I was induced on my due date . My doctor broke my water around 11pm and I had him a little after 5am . I had to have pain medicine , my body was in such bad pain that it was causing me to throw up and have dirreah . But I was able to have him vaginally with no complications

Jasmine . 1 like

I had to be induced, and didn't have to have a c- section. My water had broke but i had no contractions or anything! I felt no pain, until they induced me. When your induced it will hit you fast and hard! I think the only way you would have to have a c- section is if something wasn't going right. I had the same question and asked before they induced me.

Amanda L 1 like

Induced and it lead to c section. I think it was because the certified mid wife ruptured my water bag while trying to insert the cooks catheter (spelling?) I think had she not done that so early on I think I could of had a vaginal delivery. Good luck !

Jasmine . 1 like

If u want to try to throw yourself into labor. Buy a fresh pineapple cut it and eat it all and then bounce on a workout ball very easily and steady. That should do it. My best friend was miserable and done that and it was an hour later of bouncing and she was in labor! Its also safe.

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