Okay moms.. What's your favorite baby carrier? My daughter hates the baby bjorn. (4 months-17 lbs)

Karen S 2 likes

Ergo baby is wonderful! Babies weight is on your hips not your back

Amber L 0 likes

I really like a sling. But it does get hard on your one shoulder. Mobi wraps are awesome too.

Elisa D 0 likes

Ergo baby is the way to go. Loved it.

Joanna T 0 likes

Moby for little ones, ergo when they get bigger.

S T 0 likes

Loved our ring sling. I made it. Like the Beco Gemini. Really want to get a Kinderpack. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Heather W 0 likes

Ergo. 'Nuff said :)

Karrie M 1 like

Baby k'tan hands down. I went thru 4 before my sister convinced me to try this one. At first it takes a teeny bit to get used to putting it on, but honestly I think I was overthinking it. It is super easy and very comfortable. There a couple ones out there, I can send picture of the exact one if you'd like! Best of luck

M B 0 likes

I have a ring sling and just can't get the hang of it! Is there something I'm doing wrong? I've watched YouTube videos and everything. I'm hopeless! Lol

Tabby M 0 likes

Olives and applesauce!!! I've had three kids tons of carriers and this last one I bought because a friend let me borrow hers. Hands down best ever!!!!! It's pricey but worth it!! You buy it online!! Comfy for you and baby! I can still carry my 4 year old in it. Not that I do! Lol but I could!!

Chely M 0 likes

Love my Brego!

Jayna Rissa C 1 like


Vanessa B 0 likes

Ergo is amazing! I love mine!

BoyMom 0 likes

Love love LOVE my ergo 360! It offers excellent back support and my LO is very happy in it.

M B 0 likes

Thanks all. The ergo is out because you can't forward face babe. Karrie- I've been looking hard into the k'tan.

Kaylie S 1 like

I LOVE my k'tan!!!! It's the best decision I made! My little one loves it too!

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