Okay Moms- I have a 6 month old and my husband works a lot of hours. I really want to get back in shape but I obviously can't take him with me to the gym. Do you have any suggestions? I've tried doing home videos- but they just don't motivate me like a gym.

Melly's M 2 likes

I would start with just simple walking 2 times a day

Mr. And Mrs. C 1 like

Walk/jog with your baby in the stroller.. fun fir your baby and you get a workout Try exercises with your baby

Stephanie S 1 like

Some gyms have child care. T25 is great only 25 minutes a day and it kicks ur butt

Ashley P 0 likes

Running !!

Taryn G 0 likes

Check out fit4mom.com previously stroller strides see if they have classes in ur area

Aprilbaby 1 like

I run 3 days during the week and 1 day on the weekend. Take my LO with me in a jogging stroller. Also doing 21 day fix which is diet and workout. Workouts are 30 minutes and awesome.

Grace S 1 like

I second the T25 suggestion. I hate working out but knowing it's only 25 minutes & a good hard workout makes me get up & do it. Super easy to do plus get a shower during nap.

Lish G 1 like

Exercise with baby. I put baby on my legs while laying on the floor and do sit ups while he thinks he's superman flying. Then I'll lay him on his tummy for some tummy time and I'll do leg lifts or push-up. YouTube workout with baby

Amanda A 0 likes

I use the jogging stroller with my baby and am trying to get back into running. There are also exercises you can do while holding your baby or having them in a carrier/sling. It's also good for interacting with your baby because you can do lifts or squats, that type of thing and play with them but also burn calories!

Samantha M 0 likes

PLANKS! Lol they worked wonder for me. I couldn't do sit ups after having my first, still can't because I feel like I'm going to pee and poop at the same time.. Awkward I did push ups, planks, and dumbbell weights for my arms. Looking hot and healthy should be motivation enough to get the job done for 45 - 60 minutes a night.

Liz C 1 like

Long, brisk walks.

Ma W 0 likes

I joined a gym with daycare but never went as we preferred to be outside and mentally I was not, still not ready to leave him at a daycare just to workout... He's my co pilot and I love doing as much as I can with him now! I just watch my diet and do exercises in the house with my son if we can't get outside

Christine T 0 likes

We love our walks outside. My only advice if your are considering jogging/running is to research it a little. I have a BOB jogging stroller and while I can't remember the exact guidelines I remember reading somewhere that they advise waiting till baby is a certain age before jogging/running as babies neck muscles aren't fully developed and that movement can cause strain/stress. I want to say it's somewhere around a year but don't quote me on that. Best of luck to you!:-)

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