Okay mommas, so IF I'm Pregnant I would only be probably three weeks and maybe one day pregnant. Will that show up on a pregnancy test? I just wonder because I’m three/four days late with my period but the pregnancy test I took said negative… Just wondering if possibly I just don’t have enough HCG showing up yet. I know some ladies have positive tests as early as two weeks, but some much later

Taryn B 2 likes

I would give it 3 or so more days. With my 3 kiddos I always got a positive on about 3 weeks day 4.

Thalias Mommy 0 likes

With mine, I waited till I was 4/5 days late and it was positive right away but there is always a possibility

Kailey M 1 like

Yup!! I tested the day my period was supposed to come with Ben. And it was positive

Ronnie R 0 likes

Yep it's possible! I'd say test every 5-7 days if you keep getting negatives but no period. Shouldn't take much longer though to get a positive if you are

Mama 1 0 likes

Yep I was two days late on my period and had a positive test

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