Okay ladies! Please give me your advice on what helped with your morning sickness! :)

Kelly R 4 likes

Original Lays Potato Chips worked really well for me during both pregnancies.

Jenny B 2 likes

I've been struggling with the same problem! Eating crackers right after I wake up and right before bed has really helped. I also stopped eating 'regular' meals and instead eat 6-8 or so small meals/snacks each day.

N 2 likes

Flat ginger ale and deep breaths thru my nose out my mouth.

Taniya B 2 likes

Dry toast, crackers, ginger ale, apples actually helped. Just eat light small meals throughout the day. Big meals usually make it worse

Laura W 4 likes

Ginger, fennel, peppermint. Pregopops ( you can get them at babies r us) candied ginger, ginger ale ( anything ginger) you can take a pinch of fennel from your spice rack if you have it or cook something with it. Peppermint candies or even burn some peppermint oil in a diffuser, or put a drop on your pressure point on your wrest.

Amber L 1 like

Eating small and regularly. The more hungry I got the more sick I got. I always had snacks on me. Ate something small every two hours tops. And ginger ginger ginger.

Erin H 1 like

Ginger ale. And some fruits. I ate watermelon and raspberries mostly. ESP in the morning or when I would switch wks, that would be the worse.

Crystal 2 likes


Bryna C 1 like

I ate every time I got sick lots of fruit and just snack type food not too much salt though.

Amber L 1 like

Yes apples help me a lot too. Even helped with heartburn!!

Stephanie T 1 like

You can get some candied ginger from Trader joe's. That worked well for me but don't overdo it. I ate too many and got horrible heartburn. I found carbs helped too, bland carbs.

Charo C 2 likes


Carissa O 2 likes

Smelling lemons and taking Zofran!

Angelica J 1 like

Ginger and digest zen essential oils and toast/crackers

JL C 1 like

Gingerale n saltine crackers. I always had crackers in my purse. N I ate past on olive oil for dinner for 3 months 😖😖

Charlee J 1 like


SAHMommy 1 like

Peppermint candies! Crushed ice from fridge! Sip Gatorade to keep hydrated and electrolytes (help prevent boredom from drinking only water) lots of naps cuz when your sleeping you don't feel sick

Kathy M 1 like

Splash of juice like a drop just to color the water (cranberry, lemon, orange) just to get the metallic taste out. Zofran and b6 (some b vitamin forgot) didn't work for me...and ginger gave me heartburn!! When you lay down, munch some crackers, wait 5 minutes then get up.

Lindsay M 1 like

Zofran, small frequent meals. On a really bad day following the BRAT diet. I agree with anything ginger being a winner as well. Something I have yet to see mentioned that also worked for me was lavender incense.

Courtney V 1 like

Crackers, seltzer, i made my self vomit a lot too

Tiffany S 2 likes

Saltines. Ginger ale. Both by bedside. Them traveling wrist bands for motion sickness. DEEP BREATHS. Relax

Tabby M 1 like

Sea bands! I looked ridiculous but they were the only thing that helped!

Beth G 1 like

Anything sour! It sounds like it wouldn't help but it totally did! I lived on those preggy pops and sour candy! (And usually, when not pregnant, I really dislike sour candy!) Pregnancy is weird like that though... Things you normally wouldn't like you love and things you normally love, turn your stomach just thinking about them! :)

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