Okay have any mamas out there used prune juice to make your baby poop. Not like a cup of it but a couple drops in a dropper.. Ive heard other people have done it but i need more opinions. My lo is only 2 weeks so i dont want to just give him anything without correct information. Thanks !!

Ty L 1 like

Sugar water or Apple juice. Prune juice is a little too harsh. I won't even give my 2 yo prune juice.

Jordan C 3 likes

Are you sure baby is constipated? Some healthy babies will have only one bowel movement a week. Breastfed babies tend to go 5-7 days without a bowel movement and it be completely normal. If your breastfeeding, you could try eating some prunes and see if it will help baby once it passes though your milk.

Brittany P 1 like

You could also try baby prune food. Dip the pacifier into it. That's what I did with my son. It helped him.

Adesa M 1 like

My ped told me kayro syrup. It is dark corn syrup. Mix 2 teaspoons with breast milk or formula. Worked like magic for my baby. 2 times a day until baby has a good movement.

SAHMomma 1 like

If you drink it yourself and breastfeed it will help :) at least for me it did!

Garcia 0 likes

He isnt pooping as much as he usualy does.. And hes been crying for two days straight and once he poops he feels so much better.. But if he goes hours without going then he freaks out his face turns all red from pushing.. I feel aweful.. So ive just been tryinf to find ways to make him go...

Whitney O 1 like

Mainly go with what your pediatrician said; if you do prune juice water it down but I always stuck with apple juice and it worked for me.

Valerye P 1 like

Vasoline and a Qtip! I heard that it works every time! Good luck!

Katherine T 2 likes

Breastfed babies can go up to 10 days without pooping.

K M 1 like

I wouldn't give anything that young unless instructed by pediatrician

Baby M 1 like

One ounce of prune juice. Apple juice can constipate more

Summer C 1 like

My son was constipated from day one lol I talked to my doc and she said the formula I was using was to strong for him to start him off with a sensitivity formula and it works!!! She also told me it was ok to give him juice that young!! I would have never guessed so I gave him 1oz pear juice and 1oz water once a day and it helped a lot.

alicia d 1 like

we used Karo, our ped. said the light, not "lite" or dark. a tsp in their bottle once a day should help.

Kathy M 1 like

I'd talk to your pediatrician before bc they are so young. It's more about the consistency of the poop rather than the frequency. They may not even be constipated

Jasmine H 2 likes

My daughter is now 8 months and it was one time when she was 2 months and she didn't poop for a week straight, but she's breastfed and breastfed babies can go a while without pooping but when she exceeds the time limit I always warm up a little castor oil and rub on the bottom of her feet and around her navel and give her just a little caro syrup in her milk. It works!

Garcia 0 likes

Thank you everyone ! 😀

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