Ok so I left California and moved back to Missouri to be close to my hubby's family. Our son is the first grandchild on his side so wanted to be closer to his parents but now that he is 2 and getting back to a normal social life I really realize how alone I feel here. Most of my friends are back in California and the mom groups I join only want to do kid-friendly activities. Help!

SSZ 1 like

Make some new friends with things you like to do. Put an ad on craigslist to find new friends like a jogging partner etc. or make them in church?

Ciara B 0 likes

What part of MO? I lived in STL for 12 years. Man i miss the free zoo... the AMAZING free zoo, the incredible free science center, the free museums, Forest Park, all the activities to do down town. Now we live in Orlando, FL.. And It's nothing but a tourist trap here. Still new here still exploring... But hardly anything is free here... Compared to what is free in STL.

J B 1 like

Maybe you can be the one to organize a moms night out with your mommy group. I bet there would be at least one other person willing to have dinner or get pedis. I joined a couple different mommy groups from the meetup app. I have made some pretty great friends, who also love the occasional baby free activity!! Good luck!

Maria D 0 likes

The main focus and priority in your life now is your child , so if mom groups and play dates don't make you happy , start with some alone time , at the coffee shop at the nail salon , have your hubby introduce you to friends , you will eventually make some new friends . But don't let this affect you, after all you have your little best friend right next to you .

Sher D 0 likes

So true! Thanks Maria. What the meet up app?

Sher D 0 likes

Kansas City area. Unfortunately our zoo isn't free and neither is Science City lol

J B 0 likes

The meet up app is a place people create and join groups of interest. I've joined a couple mommy groups in my area and its been great. We get together numerous times a week and I've developed friendships outside of the groups as well. Look it up, input your town and you will be shocked at how many groups are in your area. Good luck.

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Your local library is a great place to meet other moms as well. Most libraries have a free story time.

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