Ok please help. My 10 week old feeds, is happy/smiley for about 10 minutes and then is upset whether being held, laying on his back, or propped on the boppy. Hates the bjorn bouncer and mamaroo at this point too. Being held might work for a little, but even that doesn't necessarily keep him calm. This is his consistent, cranky MO. What can I do??

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Have you tried wearing your lo? Our youngest loves to be worn and held.

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What was your babies due date? Based on brain development from conception, he may be going through a development growth stage. During these stages, babies are typically fussier and cranky since they are adjusting to a whole new world around them as their brain grows. Check out the book “The Wonder Weeks.” It’s been a fascinating read for me and I can see the development stages manifesting In my daughter.

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Christie Marie is it a bad habit to get into for him to take all of his naps in the carrier tho? If I wear him, he falls asleep and stays asleep for a long time. Of course that's nice, I just worry he won't know how to naps in a crib

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Chelsea P I have the wonder week’s app. It shows this week being sunny 😩

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Our second wasn't a napper at all until 6 months. Before that it was 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there. He just didn't. He did sleep through the night though so I counted my blessings. I figure as long as they are napping who cares where. At 6 months ours only slept 2 hours a day for nap and that was it 1030-1230 and bed at 7-7:15.

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