Ok not trying to offend just wondering about it . It seems most of u ladies on here are Americans I've noticed , and it seems normal for yous too feed solids at like 3/4 months , I'm Canadian it's a big no on solids before 6 months ' why the big diff by country ???

Emilie W 3 likes

I'm American and I was told not to feed solids until 6 mo.

M C 0 likes

I'm American and started cereal at 4-5 months but nothing else until 6 months

A E 1 like

I started at 4 months. My doc said 15 years ago, 4 months was the norm. Now apparently it's not. I am also Canadian. Other moms who I've talked to who have introduced solids at 6 months have had difficulties getting their LO to like foods and eat. Whereas my son is now 8 months old and eats everything. There isn't one food he won't eat

A E 0 likes

Totally just saw that we also live in the same city!!!

Sophia G 0 likes

We're told not to some do anyway.

Ashley B 1 like

More recently drs are recommending 6 months instead of 4 months. I did 4 months for both my kids, youngest is 6 months now, because they both had a really big interest in starting solids, they both had wide eyes and grabbed for the spoon the very first time they were fed solid food 😀

L C 0 likes

We are not suppose to either

Emy G 1 like

I'm canadian (Quebec) and my ped told me I could feed my baby solids at 4 mo... Even If she told me not to do it I would have because my feelings told me she was hungry for a little food. Follow your instinct... Doctors give advice but every child is different.

Marianne M 3 likes

I'm American and waited until 6 months. I certainly wasn't in a rush. I wanted her digestive system to be ready. She eats everything and prefers veggies.

Josie 0 likes

I was told after 6 months too!!😀

Samantha H 1 like

I'm in Ontario and I started solids at 3m

Out N 1 like

Personally I looked for cues that my second baby was ready and didn't even get the doctors ok first but when she asked why I started and I told her she realized I made the right choice. He was grabbing food of my plate and trying to put in his mouth, always hungry, no pushing the tong out when swallowing. Also not being satisfied with just milk. We started with baby led weaning at 4months.

JVP 2 likes

It is a no no hear too just many think it's cute when their kiddos do things "ahead"...

Dani D 0 likes

I was told by my paediatrician that I can slowly introduce starting with cereal at 4 mos and I'm in Ontario. she also said follow lo's cues, she'll let u know when she's ready. But both me and my dd felt more comfortable at around 5.5-6 months

Lala S 0 likes

I'm American and didn't start solids until 6 months.

Charlotte's M 2 likes

Research used to state that 4 months recommended and was then changed to 6 months but the most recent medical journals are showing research that 4 months is best to start introducing cereals ect. I am Canadian.

RAN's Mommy 0 likes

We started at 6 months per dr. Request. Others start early..

Sam R 0 likes

It depends on your doctor and what research he/she goes by. I'm Canadian and my ped told me to start at 5 months.

A W 1 like

I am an RN in Canada. It was an old recommendation and a lot of docs are not current on their research. Their digestive tract it NOT ready before 6 months. I find in Canada recommendations usually come from public health nurses, not the drs and the information is more standardized due to our health care system

Luna G 1 like

I'm Mexican and I didn't feed my son solid food tell 6 months.

Paty C 2 likes

I am Brazilian and in Brazil it's s big no no too. Food only after 6 months.

R S 1 like

Im from South America and it is only nurse as long as possible. My ped a male american that has over 40 years of experience also encouraged me to breastfeed only at least until they were a year old, of course taking pre natal vitamins It was funny when his nurses would give me a hard time for not doing solids of water and then in the a appointment he would reassure it is better in the long run, both of my girls were perfect in every milestone and got sick much less than the others

AAJ C 0 likes

We were told by LO doctor to start at 4 mos, due to her intake and not gaining weight. Has helped with that.

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