Ok moms with they're 2nd baby, I am currently 32 weeks and an engorged with colostrum . How much is normal??? Am I producing more than normal? I'm making about 4 oz each breast every 2 hours to hour . And im just making more and more . Here is a pic of my bra ...FYI I had no idea this was going to happen so bread pads are now on my shopping list

Brittany N 2 likes

Never to early to pump either!

Kayla R 1 like

I was leaking big time like that as soon as I hit my 8th month it's nothing to worry about if anything your very lucky if u plan on breast feeding (:

Taryn W 3 likes

Lucky you! I'd rather have to much than not enough! I myself could never produce enough.

Tere M 3 likes

Pump. You'll get a head start on all that liquid gold!!

Rachael H 1 like

OMG!! XDX That's both awesome and horrible! I'm sorry mama! I've only got the one (who's still EBF) but how about i let you know next year after babes number 2 XD

Leanna B 2 likes

When the baby comes if you're still over producing after hormones in check contact your local hospital. They'll usually take donated milk for mothers that cannot produce or adopted. Breastfeeding is a gift! You may be lucky enough to share with others as well.

Ashley N 2 likes

You got them magic boobs!

Linda C 1 like

Wow my milk came in after I had my son

Kara E 0 likes

Hahahah magic boobies bahaha, yeah I could deff supply a few kids right now ! This little lady will be well fed for sure ! Thanks for all the help moms !!

Kara E 0 likes

Pumping won't throw me Into labor

BoyMom 0 likes

I wouldn't pump just in case... But new breast pads are a must! I LOVE my bamboobies lol they're expensive but so worth it!

Kathy M 0 likes

Isn't pumping when you are pregnant unsafe? Like it can cause you to go into labor to soon right?

Kara E 1 like

Yeah that's what I was wondering lol! I'm scared to hook my utters up and have a baby 6 weeks early . But my word do I want some pressure relief .

Kathy M 0 likes

Talk to your gyno! Maybe there is something u can do to get relief. But I think it's too early to pump...

Jennifer A 0 likes

I would talk to your Obgyn ASAP before making any decisions

Kim G 0 likes

Yeah don't pump it can induce your labor..maybe try to manually express some?

Brittany N 0 likes

No- I never experienced any signs of early labor and I pumped!

Brittany N 0 likes

But talk to your health care provider!

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