Ok ladies I've tried Apple juice, baby prunes, water pulling his legs to his belly! Still not working he still can't poop! Do I need to take him to er?

Kathy M 2 likes

How old is your Lo? You can try Karo syrup for constipation but do you know they are constipated for sure? It's more about consistency ether than frequency. If they are having dry or pellet poop then they are but they don't need to go everyday. Are they in pain?

reagan B 1 like

Vaseline on qtip rub it around the bottom massage it I believe my dr told me I use to pump my girls lets too some times I put a glove on to pull it out even it horrible. Suppositories I keep in my med kit also so glad I haven't had to use them some times I just leave her and let it happen naturally. Also cutting prune juice half and half. Or straight orange juice works good too.

V L 0 likes

Formula fed or breastfed? How long has it been?

Amanda H 0 likes

Prunes or pears (juice or pureed depending on age) is best. Apples make constipation worse. Do you breastfeed or formula feed? How many days has it been? I also agree w/ the above post. That it's only constipation if they seem in pain & it wld be pellet like. Usually you would make an appointment w/the doctor. They wld give medicine &/or stick a q-tip up the rectum(not far) to get then to poop & it would be a blow out.

Kali R 0 likes

I just went through this with my 3 week old. I took her to her pediatrician. I was using a rectal thermometer to help her poop because she would go 3 days without going. And she looked in pain when she passed gas. He switched her formula to nutramigen and we switched bottles to prevent air getting in her tummy. I also add gas drops and pear juice to each bottle to help loosen her intestines. Also try bicycling her legs to help her pass the gas. It took about 3 days to get in her system.

Chelsea A 0 likes

Apple juice is binding. You want to stick with juices that start with a "P" they make baby suppositories. My pedi recommended juice first and if that didn't work to use to suppositories.

Kali R 1 like

But I can tell a huge difference. She still has gas but doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. She would scream for hours with her legs pulled up in pain. Hope this is helpful and your little one feels better! My little one is now going regular each day so it must have helped

Eryn 0 likes

Try straight prune juice.

Asha G 0 likes

What did you do my lo is constipated

Happy M 1 like

If you have a jumperoo, you might put him in there and see if the physical activity helps

Holly H 0 likes

Stimulate it with a qtip and Vaseline.

Kathy M 0 likes

I believe Apple juice can be used http://homeremediesforlife.com/apple-for-constipation/ but applesauce is part of the brat diet. Our pediatrician said p foods but when you are using juice it's the sugars that make them go faster

Kissy x 0 likes

Brown sugar in a bottle works wonders

Xtina P 0 likes

Try a rectal thermometer in his butt. It worked for my LO

His M 0 likes

Try some peas.

Jessica J 0 likes

My oldest was 4 months when she went through that and it lasted til she was off milk. Is talk to your doctor about it. Her doctor gave her some mess to help her go and had us try enimas when she got older.

His M 0 likes

I would. My son didnt poop for 3 dAys and he had to have an anima (how ever u spell it)

Mommy To L 0 likes

Gel suppositories!!!!!

Mommy To L 0 likes

Get the children kind and break a piece off the size of an eraser and push it up his bum if that doesn't make him poop in a couple hours take him to the doctors

Michaela R 0 likes

Try a glycerine suppository. Worked like a charm within 20 minutes for my dude.

Sheila B 0 likes

If he's old enough, Pear and prune juice mixed with water. Always works for us and my daughter constantly gets constipated. I used suppositories as a last resort

Yvette A 0 likes

Apple juice actually constipates so pls take that out..give him or her more water

Cheryl J 0 likes

He's 4.5 months formula feed and on solids. He hasn't gone for 2 days usually goes 2 times a day

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