Ok ladies I would like to hear anything you girls did in order to create lasting memories for your children or any special traditions or gifts I could do with/ for my baby boy. I bought him a beautiful book called" love you forever" where I will dedicate so he can have it the rest of his life. Any ideas?! Thanks in advance and happy holidays. 😘😋

Dawn T 2 likes

I'd do hand print ornaments from first year and up I'm doing a plaster ornament of my LOs feet and hand print candle holders for my other two

Amber O 1 like

I had a blanket made with some clothes special bibs and outfits from his first year and his first stocking so he can use it his whole life

Perfectly M 1 like

Look up flour prints. Equal parts flour and water. Beat and roll out. Do a foot or hand print and bake it for like two hours at 250. I just take loooots of pics. ;)

Perfectly M 1 like

I also write a daily journal to my daughter about her new developments and how she is. Etc

Karen S 0 likes

That's a nice idea I like it thanks :)

Karen S 0 likes

Thank you ladies all of those are awesome :)

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