Ok I have lots of questions today lol, any advice or opinions on how a 11 month old baby would do on a 22 hour road trip? I know craziness but it's kind of for an emergency but not yet sure if we will be going to take this trip.

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If you can put some cartoon

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Leave at baby's longest sleep time, if she's bottle fed u be fine. If on the boob look forward to a lot of stops. U be fine. Just make sure baby gets some stretches in. N hopefully babe love car rides :) if babe falls asleep don't wake baby, wait till babe tells u hungry

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We once took a 4mo on a day and a half road trip (had to stop overnight part way since he wouldn't stop crying around 1-2am and we all got cranky). Had to stop every 2 hours almost to nurse/change diapers but he did great overall and that one trip helped him sleep longer and nap better so it was worth it for us!

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Lots of stops and give her a chance to exert some energy so will go back to sleep.

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We took our LO on a road trip at 5 weeks. She slept most of the time. But if EBF look forward to a lot of stops. We took one every two hours. It's important to plan for extra time solely for your child on the trip. Going based off a schedule will drive you bonkers (my roommate went on the trip with us and he wasn't mentally prepared).

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When my daughter had just turned one we went on a 24 hr road trip and she did just fine just as long as they get out every once in awhile it will work out fine

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We drove 22 hours to take our kids to Disney World. Our youngest was 11 months old at the time! We have a van with DVD player so they watched lots movies, listened to music, ate snacks, she napped a couple of times and played with toys. We also drove it in 2 days so we stopped and stayed overnight.

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Also i'm breastfeeding so i pumped in the car and handed the bottle back to my oldest daughter to feed our 11 month old. We only had to stop for food and bathroom breaks!

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Lots of bottles of water and stop to feed LO. Should be fine. I would introduce a new toy every couple of hours to give them a variety. Play music that y'all can sing to.

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Good luck!

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Long car rides cause a build up of gas for little ones which can be painful. So multiple breaks help expel gas too. Don't be surprised if they have a very noisy bum when your drive is over.

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Did 17 hours with 6 month old. Best if you can leave at night during when they sleep the longest. Do bathtime/bedtime routine give bottle and put in car seat. Get a good chunk done while asleep. Then when they are awake just plan on stopping every 2 hours or so to get out and stretch. Stop to eat at places they can get out and run around a bit. Bring portable DVD player or iPad to watch movies. Just plan on taking time with stops and will be fine. They usually do better than you think

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Make sure you stop every two hours, their oxygen decreases when in the car seat too long after that

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