Ok.. I have been making food for my 7 month old.. Every now and again I'll buy her organic baby food. I feel overwhelmed and I'm not sure what to make her that's why I've been buying jarred food. Anybody have good recipes or ideas?

Becky K 1 like

I just made chicken with mixed veggies and whole wheat pasta, mangos with strawberries raspberries and apples, apples and bananas, and blueberries with apples and kiwi. My daughter loves homemade food

Becky K 2 likes

Turkey and beef r ok for baby too

Crystal H 1 like

You can try pretty much anything. At 7m you can even try some really soft foods that she can feed herself. My daughter LOVES pasta, watermelon, blueberries (in small quantities because they cause diarrhea if too much), chunks of cucumber to knaw on (big because you don't want them to choke), steamed veggies like carrot slices and broccoli. Pretty much anything that can be really soft. My LO loves fruit the most.

Becky K 0 likes

Broccoli can cause upset tummies. They recommend staying away from that, cabbage, and pork. There's a few other no-no's too. If u google it there's a lot of sites with recipes and the do's and don'ts

Jessica S 0 likes

Thank you guys! I was nervous to try mango guess it high risk for allergies.. I've been giving her yogurt melts she's does ok with those I'm just terrified she's gunna choke..

Lauren @ 2 likes

I don't think there's any shame in using the jarred food if you're feeling overwhelmed. It's hard work being a mom, and if jarred food makes your life less stressful and eases that overwhelmed feeling, I think it's totally worth it!

S T 1 like

I never gave my LO purees. We did BLW. But on the choking thing all you can do is learn what to do to be ready for WHEN LO chokes because it will happen (maybe not today (although they can still choke on purees) or at 1 or 2 but possibly at 7 or 8 or 16). It helps me to make sure I know what to do and then to remind myself that its just as likely for me to choke which sounds weird I know.

Rhonda S 1 like

I use to use the food blender and gave her the same thing I would eat

Becky K 2 likes

Mangos can be high risk but if there are no allergies in the family and baby hasn't had any reaction to any other foods them it's safe to try. Acidy foods like mangos, oranges, and watermelon can cause a rash around the mouth. If this happens wait until baby's a bit older and try again

Amanda G 0 likes

I give mine whatever veggies I'm eating and keep squash, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini around for snacks and lunches. I smashed it with a fork at first but now (9.5mo) I just cut it into finger food.

Elise M 0 likes

William Sonoma has a cookbook called cooking for baby that I liked.

Megan K 0 likes

Try everything! My first I stuck to jarred foods and now he's a picky bland, no sauce, no spice, and 5.5! My youngest (10 mos) loves EVERYTHING! Mustard. Cream cheese Pickles, banana avocado spinach prunes ! Be patient and keep trying .

Ciara B 1 like

Pinterest has some good baby food recipes! And it shows u how to make a bunch & store in the freezer. U can freeze em in an ice cube tray... 1 cube = 1 ounce of baby food (when thawed) - give or take. Here's some good links: http://pinterest.com/pin/533958099543304690/ http://pinterest.com/pin/533958099543304679/ http://pinterest.com/pin/533958099543248715/ http://pinterest.com/pin/533958099543248567/ Hope these help. XO

Ciara B 1 like

I was overwhelmed making baby food for my son when he was a baby. So i bought him 90% organic baby food. So when my new baby comes along in Jan 2015, I think I'm going to just buy the jars for feeding in the go purposes or when he/she stays with a loved one. But my plan is to 100% make my own baby food. Going to get that Baby Bullet i keep hearing good things about: http://pinterest.com/pin/533958099543248457/ XO

Jessica S 0 likes

That's what I use is the baby bullet it's great! Just need recipe ideas lol

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